Laguna Seca faster AI

Laguna Seca faster AI 1.0

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Faster AI for the Kunos Laguna Seca.

Fast line + boundaries + hints.

Let me know if specific cars have issues. Tested with: Porsche Cayman GT4, Tatuus F Abarth, Toyota TS040, Porsche 911 GT3 R, Lotus Type 49, BMW M235i Racing, Formula Mazda, RSS F1 2022 without problems. The Ferrari F2004 can't lap the track, but that's expected, the AI file is broken in that (Kunos) car.

Screenshot_blz_formula_mazda_ks_laguna_seca_9-7-123-3-17-53 copy.jpg

You can make a faster/safer AI for your favorite track too. Here's a mini guide on AC AI line improving.

Have fun!

Latest reviews

Cars dont even leave pits
Finally a good AI for this track. Perfect T6 recording, Corckscrew too agressive but ok. The only real weak point is last T11 (I imagine you tried to minimize the crashes there). Very clever way of AI-hints manoeuvering that makes cars even faster at straights and corner exits. Best thing is that this is crash free on majority of cars and competitive at 100/50. Will try your other AI
The AI Master... it's simple: I see Parrilla content, I download it
Thank you once again maestro!

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