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Lego Hot Rod 1.0

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Nothing even compares to the levels of fun that this has! Well done!
Love it
Instant smile bought to my face with this mod. 10/10 awesome work : )
The last time I raced in anything like this car in real life was on wooden floor. The grip is much better on tarmac. The handling is equal measures understeer and oversteer yet predictable and fun. It's one of those cars where you quickly forget about lap times and track position and just want to find the coolest way around a corner.

The one big block of a windscreen is not ideal. It's like trying to watch a movie on airplane with the glare. I'm hoping Lego could come up with better parts. And the cockpit isn't quite big enough for the driver. It might not be obvious outside of VR but it does hurt the immersion just a tiny bit.

I would love to see other cars done this way, like an open wheeler. The aerodynamics could be tricky for the game to handle, though.
This car is incredibly fun! I'm having more fun driving this than legitimate race cars. It might actually be a good car to teach pedal discipline, on low gears the back slips out if you floor at at high RPMs even on a straight.
The recently released Lego Speed Champions Raceway track mod is absolutely perfect for this car.
Just did a testrun with it and damn this is one of the must fun cars i've driven! Puts a big smile on your face!
Como mola¡¡¡¡¡¡ thx
One of the best mod made, I just hop you will make an update to make it run with the Sol shader patch mod and it will be perfect
Not only is this a great feeling mod in its own right, but it's also surprisingly closely balanced with the Honda Racing Lawnmower, which makes me very happy indeed.
P.S. from ART FLY:
I hope this is alright with U Gary - I found some Skins for your awesome LEGO HotRod. Find it here -> :)

The Colour Skins are provided by "shadow118"
Truly a 5 star mod. This one is especially great in VR since actually sitting in that little beast is just amazing!
Brilliant, being the lego man in VR, priceless.
An instant must have mod, it is even fun to drive to boot.
Thank you.
Don't listen the the troll(s)!
Keep doing what you're doing because your mods bring so much fun and joy to simracing! :-)

My children and I love the legocar very much!
Especially, I like the flap (the window on the roof) which goes up and won when braking or releasing the brake. It's cool that you made it possible to fumble around with the setup.

The sound of this car is great, as well!
You could have used recordings of your mouth/voice generating the sound. ;-p
However, I'm glad you gave it a real sound (i.e the sound of a real engine).

Thank you very much!

Do you think that you will find the time to do yet another legocar?
like to hear more on you next project haha it is fun
Many thx for the mod, it's very fun to drive.
Great ridiculous fun.

Any chance that you could make the windscreen slightly more transparent? I feel like I have to squint a bit when racing in VR.

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