Linas Montlhery 12.5km Full Circuit

Linas Montlhery 12.5km Full Circuit 1.0

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This extends Legion's 9km Montlhery bruyeres layout into the full 12.5km track, original section has also been improved.
Legion's 9km layout is based on theSky and philcout's Linas Montlhery track. (Due to Chinese government's internet censorship I can't find out the origin of Legion's track the first time, I can only do my best to give credits as seen below I even give credits for copied objects)

I copied some objects from old spa, MadBrain's Rouen, Reboot's bathurst, also some objects from Kunos tracks
Track uses csp treefx
As I can no longer find the link to Legion's original track, all files are uploaded here.

Entry into the new section, legion's old section turns to the right, the military training center has been added

biscornes corner


Note: on some layouts other than the full 12.5km, the cars can't pit in properly (teleport), you just need to copy from /full/ai/ folder to invidividual ai folders of other layouts

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Hello .When releasing a track, it would be polite to mention the original authors, in this case me,philcout, and thesky.thanks
PM me or use the discussion board to tell me about it instead giving bad reviews and your name will be added. I opened the ui folder and only find Legion's name, maybe your name is hidden somewhere, I don't know. For those who always bother others with permission, please also delete all Reboot tracks from your computers, they're also done without Kunos' permission (ACC to AC). be consistent in your ideology.
Merci pour ces tracés et notamment celui de 12.5km. Peut-être pourriez vous corriger les pitlanes sur les tracés avec ovale au départ(vitesse-bruyères + vitesse-lapize + vitesse-couard) qui n'autorisent les AIs à rentrer aux pits pour ravitailler : elles sont téléportées à 300m de l'arrivée. Merci d'avance, et si cela est possible, au spécialiste des comportements AI.
you can copy from assettocorsa\content\tracks\autodrome_de_linas-montlhery\full\ai to the ai folder of other layouts for example: assettocorsa\content\tracks\autodrome_de_linas-montlhery\cote_lapize\ai and overwrite old files. this should solve your problem. tell me if you still have problems.
Excellent addition, thank you. Not sure if you were aware (you mentioned that your internet access but DaBaeda released an update for Legion's version - your version might be compatible with a bit of file renaming.
I'm not aware of it, and thanks for notifying me, however that update won't work in my 3ds max environment. 3ds max refuses to export its textures

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