Reboot Bathurst (rt_bathurst) No chicane Add-on

Reboot Bathurst (rt_bathurst) No chicane Add-on 1.2

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removed the tyre barrier, adds the original road bypassing "the chase" chicane.

NOTE: CSP is required to hide the tyre barrier!
To those who complain about cars taking off in the shortcut, Reboot's track is a conversion of laser scanned ACC track, and my road conforms to the terrain with the help of 3ds max plug-in. so the terrain is just such. why, do you think, they put a chicane there? anyway I tried 1923 1937 1967 1975 F1 cars and they can get through with no problem

I watched a 1981 onboard lap around Bathurst, that hump indeed was there, and motocycles (much slower than F1) did take off slightly

youtube watch?v=kJSlro-47Ns
it's around 1:57~2:00

If learning 3d modelling for AC isn't frustrating enough, I'm so worn out by critics who used all sorts of rhetorics to attack my work without evidence. maybe it's time to return to Grand Prix 3 modding for a while.

F1 1975 through the shortcut (1.0 version)
Road texture update (1.2 version)

This is an Add-on. Original layout is untouched, if you choose the modern layout, the shortcut won't appear and tyre barrier is still there

Latest updates

  1. Road texture update

    updated road texture
  2. fixed the tyre wall problem in the latest rt_bathurst

    due to Chinese government censorship, I was using an old version of the bathurst track. in the...

Latest reviews

Great improvement on 1.2! Thanks a lot man this is a great addon for Bathurst. Don't feed the trolls that are just downvoting for any st*** reason not related with your good work for sure. Let kids be kids... Thanks thanks and and many thanks! Hope to enjoy more good mods from you, cheers.
The update fixed a minor issue. It's still visually not great and the way the cars launch off the hump at the top of the hill makes it mostly useless.
I've tested many cars, including the most overpowered W125 and Auto Union Type C, and haven't seen any car that can't pass the shortcut road.
I created the Aussie Big Banger and ATCC page and I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU.
It would be so good to completely remove the new section and make the track as it was in the Late 70s the best it was
It's just incredible how people can get 1 poor star on a mod that just got released and had a minor problem. This problem BTW has been corrected so fast by mod creator himself. You guys could start being little more constructive on your acts and using discussion section (as I did) to feedback modder and help issues to be corrected instead of being so rude with rating scores. IMHO to be constructive is the only way to keep AC modder community alive and get the best from both the game and them.
About the mod itself, now the tyre barrier has been gone, using latest CSP preview here, everything working as expected, tested with RSS GT-M's and Zonda R's as modern carns and no one's taking off. I'd like to see some road texture update in the future and I'm sure OP will improve it so I give 5 stars because it's a great addittion to Bathurst and OP fixed tyre barrier problem really fast. Thank you!!!!
Both drag'n'drop and manual installation didn't work.

Tyre barrier is still there, even with CSP active (who wouldn't use it in 2023 anyways ?!?!) / version 0.1.80-preview346.

Might be related to that, but I ain't downgrading for ONE addon that just refuses to work lol.
Download my latest update and try again. blame the Chinese government for internet censorship, I was using an old version of the bathurst track.
a) The tyre barrier still shows (although is not collidable)
b) There's no lines or texture on the added section of road, so it looks awful
c) Cars just launch of the bump at the top making it almost undriveable
a) added information. CSP is required
b) track has texture, I may improve it in the future, mesh without texture simply is not allowed in AC
c) I tested GP 1923 GP 1937 and F1 1975, they will take off a little at the top, but less than nurburgring nordschleife. not a concern here.

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