Silverstone 1975 Add-on for Kunos Silverstone 67

Silverstone 1975 Add-on for Kunos Silverstone 67 1.01

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This is the 1975 layout add-on for Kunos Silverstone 67. Added the woodcote chicane.

The chicane kerb model was converted from RFactor 1 GPC 1979 track, and has been modified to fit the kunos track. kerbs are higher and no one should drive on them

pitlane has been modified and now pass behind the chicane, see the screenshot

Tested with modified bazza's 1975 F1 mod

As I'm using OSRW's 36 pits mod, it's also included in this pack
NOTE: racing with more than 27 cars, and AI cars at the back may not start. This can be fixed by moving the starting position into the chicane, but now I feel too tired to do this
TODO: outline.png (the one used in the menu) still shows the 67 layout. I tried to let Content Manager recreate it, but it doesn't work (just realized rmi has also made a 1975 track, so I copied his outline.png)

Latest updates

  1. ui folder

    forget to put in the ui folder in the first release, sorry for the blunder.

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it's great!!!. What is the panel you use for the classification in the image? It's very nice
That's a fun and good looking track. Thanks
loving it!!!! thx!

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