McLaren P1 base skin pack

McLaren P1 base skin pack 0.8

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While waiting for the official templates of the Dream Pack cars, I started to mess around with the and metal_detail files of the P1 McLaren :p:D
So here's the very first skin color starter pack for MP racing and eye candy photo shoots, enjoy!!! 13 skins, see discussion page for more screens!!

Suit by Blackcelica (his P1 McLaren suit) which will be adjusted to car colors in next update.
The seat belt has been adjusted to exterior color too.
Anyone noticed the passenger seat hasn't got a seat belt???!!!! :confused:

Latest updates

  1. Return to base color pack

    Important edit to this thread!! I decided to divide this thread into two seperate threads ...
  2. 1 new skin, better tyre_nm files, fixed preview screens, renamed 1 skin

    (small) update log: -better tyre_nm files (thanks to blackcelica) -fixed preview screens...
  3. New skin line, three skins, much more files, promising future pack.

    Hello there, this is the start of what I think may be a very promising new line in this young...

Latest reviews

Simply Amazing!!! Great job. ;)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks man.
Niiiiiiiiiiiice Skins :D
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you.
Very nice pack, but perhaps change the font on the boards in the pits :). Downloading this as we speak :D
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
What do you suggest for fonts? Not sure what you really mean. Thanks for the stars my friend, you're the best;-)
Damn this is shaping up to be epic. I'm going to have to create a whole new suit and helmet for the Hypers
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Awaiting your wonderful suits, take your time. Thanks for all those stars!
I like the "automotive black/red" especially the nice red rims and "automotive blackest" what a fantastic work again ;-) :-D
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Glad to have a fan like you, hope you're having fun with your personal P4/5C.
Nice, Thank you!!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome, much more will come your way...
I like the super red one very much...nice that you do this for me and thanks to blackcelia for the suits ;-) :-D
they now work very good job
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
thanks 4 d revision, appreciate it.
Looking good my friend, looking good.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
What would I do without you?
brings skin error on ac load
Good work, I've finished a colour variation of the suits for you. I'll send link in private message.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Fantastic, huge thanks!!!
I love you :-P...Thank you so much it is a wonderful and super work again from the golden boy of skins ;-) :-D !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Hope you like the super red one ;-)
Nice, I'm waiting for this great car templates.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Me too, this is a small comfort until they send the templates.
looks yummy!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
yummy sunny :-)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
for you, only the best is good enough ;-)

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Grand Tourist
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