McLaren P1 Sport Pack

McLaren P1 Sport Pack 1.6

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This is the Sport pack for the P1.
Below is only the new content shown of this pack, to see all screens and content of this pack please go to the update sections of the McLaren P1 Base pack (I divided the whole skin pack into two seperate packs for easier download.)

Racing suits by Blackcelica!! Thanks for your great work, my friend!!

It contains various sport lines and will progress and evolve untill my inspiration runs dry. This pack has changed quite some bit:
-Altered the Automotive line with true skin files and better colour combo's, also changed teir names.
Automotive Bloodsport

Automotive Nightfall

Automotive Tradition


-Added one skin to the HyperSport line : yellow.

-Added new line containing limited edtions : Automotive HyperSport black and white.




Latest updates

  1. new skins, updated driver suit (by blackcelica), updated previews

    Well this has been quite some skin pack if you ask me, but I do enjoy reviving it sometimes. So...
  2. 2 new skins, fixed missing livery.png file for Sport GT skin

    -small fix: added missing livery.png file for Sport GT skin -new content: Automotive Hypersport...
  3. 2 new skins, corrected McLaren logo for all skins.

    Corrected all McLaren logo's for all skins at the side and rear, and off course new content... 2...

Latest reviews

Thank you for the nice skins.
Thank you for the time you spent making them :)
Superb, the white car I would buy immediately
Since the time I had it, it's always the best skinpack for P1 we could found on the web!! it's time to give you 5 stars!thank you
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks for using it.
Wow! Thank you.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome
The white is AMAZING, haha. Nice work!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thx big hug
Well...maybe tuning shops get inspired by these. Solid colors boring now. :D
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Oh that would be a modder's dream come true...though I have to say, as for this very moment a tiny bit of that dream is happening already....I really can't say more than'll see.
Thanks for the review.
Great Skin pack....Thank you!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome.
Awesome work
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Awesome skins need awesome suits ;-) maybe develop a sport suit line for this P1 pack?
you make her moooore colorful!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I will...
Nice pack, I liked the white one most.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks, me too.

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Grand Tourist
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5.00 star(s) 13 ratings

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