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Meadowdale Raceways 1.0

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Welcome to Meadowdale Raceways, later known as Meadowdale International Raceway. This track was in operation from between 1958 to 1969 and with this conversion I've tried to capture how it looked early in it's life in the late 50s and early 60s. It features a large banked corner called the Monza Wall, some huge elevation changes, and lots of flowing corners. This track was built on the land of a farm outside of the Chicago suburbs.

The original track mod was created by @Dave Thayer for NASCAR Racing 2003, then converted to rFactor by @philrob. I have permission to post my rework/conversion of this track here from both @Dave Thayer and @philrob.




Although it's not required, to get the most out of this track you should really use the Custom Shaders Patch.

GrassFX (with Custom Shaders Patch)
Many new textures with period correct fonts, imagery, and normal maps where appropriate
32 grid slots
Working starting lights
Corner names
AI by @Dave Thayer

Unzip into your tracks folder or just drag onto content manager.

Thanks to @Dave Thayer, @philrob, Teddie, and my dad!

Latest reviews

This is fabulous edition to my AS tracks. I'm from this area and I'm old enough to remember when this track was still active. One of my uncles raced there. It's a forest preserve now but a couple small sections of the track are still intact. I walk around the trails there whenever I go back home
I grew up in Carpentersville going to what remains of this racetrack with my friends all throughout our childhood. It was awesome to race on the track in game. Even got the silo spot on!!
Such a fun track, thank you!
Really love this track ,great fun to race on.
need a multitexturing on the grass part, the objects that use the same textures must be joined together because it takes more resources and make even rowed with many cars (2112 objects)
Only thing missing is the usual track surface mesh we have on other great AC tracks, so FFB feels very flat and grippy. Like the story with Laguna Seca Historic that's around on the internet. But the actual layout and the surroundings at Meadowdale are awesome and racing this online is very fun.
Very Very Very good track for Motion Sim.
up down & 2bankdcorner is wonderful!
What a wonderful flowy track! And the asphalt on the banked corner doesn't melt away like it did in real life. Awesome!
I love driving a Lola T70 MkII Spyder(Ford) on this track!
This was one should have 11 stars classic racing at its best there are some great elevation changes throwing up blind crests high speed and banked corners thanks for the good work.
Very good track detail, as well as replica compared to the real track. Great job!
Very fun and very well done.
Thank you.
Awesome vintage track, thanks you for the great work!
interesting track, I had fun driving on it
Great track! Thanks a lot for your work. Yesterday I was looking at pictures of the old AVUS banking (made with bricks). Must have felt similar to Monza Wall.
I'm also from Germany and doesn't know the track before, but it is awesome. I have much fun
After years that i wish this awesome piece of motorsport history comes to Assetto Corsa there it is ... here in germany most of the people doesnt know that track... thanks for that awesome gift
What a fun track! I flipped a Ferrari 312PB flying over that big hill after the start/finish line.
great work on this conversion, a track i always loved.
Hey, thanks for the excellent source material!
Great work! A lot of fun! Thank you vety much!
Thank you ...nice track going to try it.

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