Nordschleife 75

Nordschleife 75 0.9.0

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Too bad about the working time... No idea what the line looked like after the reconstruction in 1971 and then not online capable !
Simply wildly adding crash barriers to the 1967 layout and not implementing serious track changes is not an option at all
grip is weird, and its bugged in a weird way everyting turns into slow motion when understeering
the mod is good but the ai is a mess, idk if it's only an issue of mine but if it isn't, it should really be fixed
Nice, this looks like the one made by MotorFX for rFactor. Of course the track is not same level as official laser scanned Nordschleife but very nice trip to the past. Would be super to have converted also Gesamtstrecke
So falta o mini mapa.
Muito Boa amigo.
Lots of (invisible) holes and way too flat and simple roadmesh.
Textures and layout are coming from the original outdated version. It looks okay. Especially textures deserve an update, though.

All in all not enough love. But maybe Tiago will give it an overhaul someday. :) Better textures and a new roadmesh could make this one a really good mod.
lots of holes
excellent arbeit top top
Love this track - great job!
Very Great Track. But can you PLEASE convert Spa??? Would be awesome. Thanks. ;-)
Good conversion, glad you posted this so I can get an idea of that old loop before the GP circuit evolved. How the Ring has changed!
Hi Tiago, it's too demanding asking for a conversion of Detroit or at the moment it's impossible modeling the buildings? Thanks
It is a conversion but not really more than that. Still kudos for doing this. I would like to have the armco being more realistic. There are huge gaps between the armco parts.
Very nice, drove the BMW 1M, very good conversion, totally enjoyable, good addition to AC. I would prefer to have Mt Tremblant and the Ring instead of 2 version of the Ring, but I will enjoy it never the less.
Thank you ( again) Tiago

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