Nsuka for AC converted from Nsuka0.93A (rFactor2)

Nsuka for AC converted from Nsuka0.93A (rFactor2) 1.21

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Nsuka is a virtual circuit about the 'Naruto Skyline' in Naruto city,Tokushima,Japan.
Its reading is "enu suka".
You should drive the left traffic lane except overtaking, to obey a japanese traffic law.
-CSP Recommended
-3 layouts (InnerLoop, OuterLoop, Freeroam)
-34 Pit/Start
-AI, cam

Credits & Thanks;
rFactor2 Original Track by Takach
-Thank you for giving me permission

AC Converted by shin956
support and Camtool Replay by 牛乳やさん (ckkjw398)
config advice by CrisT86

Remove the old version and then install it.

If you have v0.8 installed, please remove naruto_skyline.ini(assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks).



AI Traffic

Latest updates

  1. v1.21 update

    v1.21 changelog; -Updated AI lines, sidelines, and ai_hints.ini. -Updated ext_config.ini...
  2. v1.2 update

    v1.2 changelog; -Updated AI sideline and ai_hints.ini. (Innerloop) -Updated ext_config.ini and...
  3. v1.15 update

    v1.15 changelog; -Added sideline to AI. -Updated ext_config.ini.

Latest reviews

very good
Its there under a different name because I'd changed it to Nsuka and the download had changed it back.
My apologies.

File me under, "imbecile".
Great! Love this track. Perfect length for a long road race. I only have an issue with some ai cars slamming into the side of the toll gates. Is there any way to remove them or change their collision? Amazing mod nonetheless!
Hello. Thank you. I have tried to do a new AI solution for this track myself - and finally gave up. Because of the length of the track this is a lot of work. So I appreciate your new version. Good job and thanks again.
I can only use the "Outer Loop" for AI races.

"Inner Loop": AI opponents crash in the left-hand corner of highway exit-ramp (at the last kilometers before the finish line), thus end the race for all other opponents due to the traffic jam...

But still... FINALLY, after years, this track is really usable :D
I love this track and I have been driving on it since the first version came out. It's so much fun. It's a bit sad that there are no updates anymore though, since it still seems kinda unfinished with no walls around the track in some places and really poor textures especially on the mountains. I wish there would be an update someday fixing all those things. And well, maybe add a spawnpoint closer to the highway :^). All in all a wonderful track though and I would recommend everyone to give it a try!
merci beaucoup pour les heures de travails abattu
Always a pleasure to see updates for this great track, thank you very much.
Super immersive and scenic track. This place really shines at sunset, thank you greatly for your work, this will become a go-to for night cruisin'.
Love the track. Thank you so much.
ps.: I drove on the left, like you asked, same as I do every day in Australia. Also followed the speed limit signs, 50kmh............................not.

Also stopped at many blue signs, to read, the easy ひらがな(Hiragana - basic Japanese writing.)

ありがとうございます (Thanks.)
Remarkable work, lots of efforts and passion went into this. Feels very immersive. The road mesh and road details is one of the best I ever drove in AC. Thank you for sharing.
looks great! but how do i enable the AI?
Very appreciative of your works to date - and always! Hope all is going well with you, take great care, and look forward to trying this track. Regards from @racealot!
The background texture should have higher resolution, hope you can update the background texture.but the most of all, the track is very exciting
One of the greatest looking mods out!
Thanks for the update
Allways is wellcome a good road to AC
thank you very much Japan people.

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