Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast 1.0

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This track is dedicated in loving memory to my brother, Jeremy.
If you have fun driving along here, I'm sure he'd love that.

Thanks LMAO Pictures for the amazingly smooth classy cinematic :)WOW!
Traffic Guide

If using Content Manager / TRACKDAY mode / AI Flood
Select Trackday mode.
Select a Traffic layout.

AI Strength. Use around 90%. Never use less than 80% AI Strength, things will get buggy.

AI Aggression. Use a moderate amount of aggression. A higher setting means the AI cars wont flinch as much when cars get close.

Select a number of AI opponents to use as traffic (To start only use 5 -10 AI or things can get buggy). If you want to increase this later, that's up to you.

Turn off Fuel Consumption. Otherwise the traffic will run out of fuel and keep re-spawning out of fuel causing obstructions.

Turn off Damage. May help car mods with poorly setup suspensions, as at start of a session Assetto Corsa 'drops' the cars on to the road.

If random glitches happen, stick to using default Kunos cars to troubleshoot, add mod cars one at a time...

If Content Manager / AI Flood still cause you issues, revert to RACE mode. You'll need to run more AI opponents but it will use default Kunos AI routines. Alternatively try different versions of CSP as some versions are buggy. Consult Content Manager / CSP documentation if you find any!
If using Stock Assetto Corsa / RACE mode
Select Race mode. (Quick Race in stock AC)
Select a Traffic layout.

AI Strength. Use around 90%

AI Aggression. Use a moderate amount of aggression. A higher setting means the AI cars wont flinch as much.

Select a number of AI opponents to use as traffic (You'll need to run 20+ AI to see light traffic)

Pacific Coast is 13 miles (Per lane, 1 lane in each direction is effectively a 26 mile long, 4m wide road)

For example 26 AI will equal one car per mile in either direction. If you have a slow computer don't attempt to run an excessive amount of AI for your machine. To give your CPU an easier time I'd recommend Trackday mode, and make sure you read the 'General Tip' below.
General Tip: If you get poor performance in Assetto Corsa, make sure you're using mod cars that all have proper LODs (something like... *LOD_B.kn5, *LOD_C.kn5, *LOD_D.kn5)

The top quality car mods here on Race Department will have these LODs. Random mod cars / ripped cars / poor quality mods might not.
Drive Tastefully! Always respect other drivers (Including the AI). Never do that no hesi :poop: on real roads. Hesitate! Save it for the track.

Pacific Coast Highway 1 (PCH) - California
This is a 23km section of real roads on California Highway 1, one of the great all-American roads on the scenic West Coast, and is widely considered among the best driving roads in the world.

The area is known as Big Sur, and this route winds along the rugged California coastline (from Cape San Martin to Ragged Point), and is one of the States’ most dangerous highways. Driving can be intense with narrow, single lanes and some sections having 700ft drops and no guard rails at the edge, leaving little room for error.

The Southbound section is considered the most ideal to drive, as you are on the ocean side the entire way, allowing unobstructed views of the jagged coastline below and the Pacific ocean off to the horizon.

How Do I get Two-Way Traffic?
Two-Way Traffic is now available to download separately in the Extras Pack

What is the Pacific Coast Extras Pack?
The Extras Pack has additional features, including Two-Way Traffic and Mansion layouts. It is available to download, via my Phoenix Mods site.

I have installed the Extras Pack, but now the game crashes/I can’t get traffic working - why?
The Extras Pack will only work with version 1.0 from Race Department. Please read the install guide provided.

Thanks to Will at Boosted Media, for the cool but dangerous driving :D
Credits / Thanks
Massive thanks goes to @Ben O'Bro for the bushes, trees, parked cars, and multiple detail areas.
Big thanks to @A3DR for the classic gas pumps

Thanks to everyone who has supported my work with LA Canyons.
Thanks also to everyone who has supported this project on Race Department.

Special thanks goes to the people who've taken time to leave a review / rating and therefore appreciate my work, and the time that's gone into this. Enjoy your time driving along the Pacific Coast :)
Track Install
1) If you have a previous version installed Delete before proceeding to install the new version.

2) Copy the
contents folder into your Root Assetto Corsa folder. (usually located at steamapps\common\assettocorsa)
Check out these unique videos, and please consider giving these guys a Sub!
Thanks HokiHoshi for all the really kind words, glad you're loving PCH!
Thanks Ermin at OverTake_GG for the lovely sunset Cruise!
Thanks CTorreto for the absolutely awesome drifting!
Thanks Dave Cam for the leisurely drive in an AC Cobra, and kind words!
Thanks Alex at The Extra Mile for the "Test Drive II - The Duel" Revival Video.







Thanks to Rusty Russell for the amazing video of the PCH! Awesome concept!

You're not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part.
When sharing, please share a link to this page. I appreciate all the shares on Facebook/Youtube, thanks.

If you like Pacific Coast, you might also like LA Canyons
A 42km Circuit winding it's way through the San Gabriel mountain range
in California. It started out as a test area to make improvements to Pacific Coast.

Latest updates

  1. Pacific Coast 1.0 - Now available

    Pacific Coast 1.0 - Now available. I hope you have tons of fun, drive safe everyone! Online...
  2. Pacific Coast 1.0 update - Replaces pretty much everything!

    Pacific Coast 1.0 Update Pacific Coast 1.0 - Replaces pretty much everything! First thing to...
  3. Pretty much a Total Rebuild

    A total rebuild... and as such there will be things I've missed out or need to sort / tweak...

Latest reviews

Espectacular, pero alguien podria decirme donde descargar el bmw del video? en la descripcion del video no lo veo.
Excelent map
Awesome work but for some reason my traffic is stationary? I just want to cruise with two way traffic, not race, I load PCH - Cruise (it;s supposed to have traffic right?) select TRACK DAY. add some opponents but they are all sitting on the road :-(
Thanks, Cruise is an online layout for use on servers, it has no AI line, no traffic.

If you want traffic, check the Spoiler: Frequently Asked Questions tab above...

Or if you have the traffic planner app, try and find if someone has made a line addon thing (I've never used it)

Or just jump on a 'Cruisin USA' server and drive with your friends thru traffic!
Beautiful Track brotha, Loved it :)
Cheers man, have fun & drive safe along those cliffs, it's a long way down!
Very nice track i love this. Car link please? It's fantastic
Thanks glad you like it, the car link is in the videos description!
whenever i am on content manager and press go it loads then stops and says race canceled but when its other maps it doesnt
Go on the other maps!
Love this map! but i really want the extra pack but my paypal doesn't work, if you could create a Patreon i would be very happy! :D
Thanks glad you're loving it, not really mad on the whole Patreon thing, feels like a stealth tax... Unlikely I'll create one, that's why I went with a store with a one off support.
I tried to download it but it needs 3 hours, Its not my connection because I downloaded other mods for seconds, pls fix. I want try the map asap
That's nothing to do with me, I am not in control of the Race Department (Overtake) servers, try again another time...
Thanks glad you think so!
top d+
Excellent map, undoubtedly the best. though, we are looking forward to another update...
Thanks, glad you like it!

Unfortunately due to leakers, rippers, unauthorised ports, unauthorised uploads and generally a lot of dumbarse stupid kids acting like idiots with my work, I've left modding.

There will be a couple of 'special' versions of my tracks, but sadly, from now on my work won't be available publicly!
what csp version i need?
As far as I know any version... I always tested with the latest 'recommended' version. But if you get any issues, try another version of CSP, some versions can be buggy.
simplemente una maldita pasada es de lo mejor que he probado
Mucho Gracias
Beautiful map! I'm having trouble getting traffic to work. I downloaded the extras and followed the instructions. Are there supposed to be separate tracks for traffic? As of now I only have the three that come with PCH 1.0
Thanks, you'll need the 'Extras' pack... The link to which is under the 1st video above. Follow all instructions, importantly delete any older version of the track, don't drag n drop into CM... and when adding the 'Extras' allow overwrites.

When installed correctly you'll have 6 layouts, 2 of which are Traffic variations.

Hi guys, I downloaded the map but I can't find the underground parking lot. anyone know where it is? THANKS
Hi, you'll need the 'Extras' pack... The link to which is under the 1st video above. Follow all instructions, importantly delete any older version of the track, don't drag n drop into CM... and when adding the 'Extras' allow overwrites.
Amazing map, an alternate download link would be useful as i live in the middle east and the file downloads really slow
Thanks, yes that would be useful, but I wanted to leave this exclusively on Race Department, to hopefully drive some traffic their way...

To thank RD for all the free mods that millions of people have downloaded, if it wasn't for Race Department, it's unlikely this mod, or LA Canyons would even exist in the first place!
Definitly 5 star, masterpiece of a track, and the HD texture pack makes it really pleasant to watch, appart from the fact I can't make the traffic mode work, which would turn 5 stars into 6
Thanks mate, it should work fine... You will need to...

** Make sure to get the 'Extras' pack.... Link above, under the 1st video. **
If all is done correctly you should have 6 layouts to choose from... Choose one of the 2 traffic layouts. Select some AI cars, drive...
One of the best cruising tracks ever made for Assetto Corsa - also really cool to see such a nice recreation as I've been here irl :)
Thanks man, glad you feel that way, and that you've been along this section of PCH in real life. Always nice to hear about the level of authenticity that's been achieved.
I bought the full version, and I'm glad I did. Most of my time spent in AC is just driving solo, and this is one of the most fantastic mods for just that. The detail is phenomenal, and it's clear a lot of work went into this mod. Definitely recommend.
Thanks for the review and the support, cheers.

Solo is good, but it really comes alive when driving online with friends, I'd recommend giving it a try online mate :)
Realy excellent, fast curve etc. only myssing a 2 ways traffic
Thanks glad you're enjoying the highway...

Two-Way Traffic.... has been available over a year...
There's a link below the first video... Scroll up or...

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