PGO International Circuit

PGO International Circuit 0.9.1

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Location: Hmm...
FIA Grade: 1
Length: 5.8km/3.6mi
Width: 14m/46ft
Elevation change: 36m/118ft

  • 4 Layouts - GP layouts with and without chicanes, National layout (different pitlane)
  • 32 grid/pit spots for all layouts (Can be increased to 46 on GP layouts)
  • Separate higher poly mesh for track surface
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working start lights (and pit exit lights with CSP)
  • Working AI + hints
  • Custom In-game track maps
  • Three DRS zones (GP layouts only)
  • TV cameras (Multiple sets)
  • Less trackside objects in private sessions
  • KSLAYERS - less trackside objects at lower "World details" setting (crowd, marshals, vehicles, pitlane props etc.)

CM/CSP Features:
  • Two track skins - F1 2022 (default) and WEC 2022 (optional)
  • Grass FX - 3D grass
  • Rain FX - Wet track
  • Flags FX - Flags are affected by wind speed and direction.
  • Lighting FX - Pit exit lights and Night lighting (track is not fully lit, but good enough for endurance racing)
  • Extra FX - Volumetric lights and long specular (for floodlights)
  • Particles FX - Fireworks and colored smoke flares
  • Functional large video screens and Digital Flags
  • Animations - Working Rolex clock, rolling ad-boards, moving vehicles, flying helicopters, crowd waving flags, marshal flags
  • VAO patch - Vertex Ambient Occlusion

Optional Features:
  • Alternative files to increase pits to 46. It makes pitlane very cramped and unrealistic, only use it when you need it.
  • Alternative pit exit (longer route) ai file for National Layout
  • Driving over purple/blue striped surface gives slow down penalty (if penalties are enabled)
  • If you have spectators disabled, all flags will be hidden as well.

To do:
Background terrain is very low-res and lacks detail
Add ambient sounds


Latest reviews

incredible mod!
One of the best circuits made on AC
you got any plans to release the kart layout hidden just passing the national pits building?
Awesome circuit! it's fun and challenging, the very fast left-right-left is very hard to take with speed and the curved downhill braking zone is a good bit too.
This really is some breathtaking work. I am amazed the community is able to produce such content. 10/5
Awesome track, especially in an F1 car!

Here's my best lap :)
As Fat Alfie is the "must have" for historical track, 00 simply became my "benchmark"/must have for "F1" style circuits. Another masterpiece! Thanks a lot!
Random shadows on the track from a helicopter flying just above? - Yes! ..... Random train reaching the city? - Yes!
Love it. Getting better and better. Design is fantastic.
Tested with Tatuus and some GT Legends mod cars. Both fantastic!
You created some of my favourite tracks. Thank you very much for your awesome work!
As always the quality of your work is incredible, the track is challenging but so enjoyable when you get it right, keep this up. I hope to see a Grade 1 circuit from you for Japan :)
amazing track :) thank you
Fantastic circuit love the free-flowing nature of it. Great to drive Lemans Prototypes and other higher downforce cars.

Absolutely LOVE this circuit! I vote that future circuits built around the world come from the collective works of doublezero!! Fantastic job and Thanks for yet another spectacular venue to celebrate racing at!!!
Just saying that... completely agree to all previous posts. Ouh yeah!

(Nitpicker mode: what if all corner poles, advertising barriers, etc where movables, like the traffic cones...?)
It would be bad for performance.
Outstanding. Every one of your tracks are fantastic, but this, Heart Lake and Anadara truly have soul and a rhythm in the layouts that makes you forget they are fictional. Satisfying to drive, fun to race and amazing to look at. Congrats again
Fantastic track! Thank You!
Excellent track (as always).
Takes a little longer to learn, and therefore appreciate, than some of your other circuits but absolutely does not disappoint once you have (My quick 1st go once I got the track to load turned into nearly 40 minutes of hot lapping..)

Re-review here due to some CSP related shinanigans at my end.
If you're using CSP you'll need one of the experimental builds to get the track to load (I upgraded from 0.1.60 to 0.1.77).

Aside from that little issue an awesome track
Huge thanks doublezero. All your tracks are five-star to me.
CART NA 1999 here, oh baby is it wicked. Beautiful, just awesome. Hope you do some more down the road.
Great Circuit, for anyone interested I have a server up using this track called "Porsche Fun at PGO International", feel free to join for some fun racing online.
I agree with Just2Laps, i can't wait to have an absolute field day on this track, with any kind of car. Just looking at the preview pictures is a joy by itself. Everything about this is a masterpiece, stellar job! Love the purple btw :)

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