Pascani MotorPark

Pascani MotorPark 0.9.1

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Location: Not Pascani
FIA Grade: 3
Length: 4.45km / 2.76mi
Width: 10-16m / 39-52ft
Elevation change: 9m / 30ft

  • 3 Layouts, 36 pits
  • Separate road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working AI + hints and custom sidelines
  • Working start lights
  • Custom In-game track maps
  • No DRS zones
  • Replay cameras (Multiple sets)
  • KSLAYERS - Less trackside objects at lower "World details" setting (crowd, marshals, vehicles etc.)

CM/CSP Features:
  • Optional skin for brake markers (Inverted colors)
  • Grass FX - 3D grass
  • Rain FX - Wet track
  • Flags FX - Flags are affected by wind speed and direction.
  • Additional Start and Pit exit lights
  • Animated Racing Flags and Digital Flags
  • VAO patch - Vertex Ambient Occlusion

Notes/To do list:
Add pitlane objects
Night lighting
Ambient Sounds
3D Trees









Latest reviews

Fabulous track. Really good for online club racing in all sorts of cars. Had a great race in the Lotus 25.
I've been playing it on LFM, it's excellent and difficult at the same time.

Lo he estado jugando en LFM, es excelente y difícil a la vez.
this is awesome track mod ! thank you!
That outer ring is a thing of beauty. Whether in super GT's, super V8's, indycar, aaanything, that last sector is an absolute blast.
A Blast ! Top Job
Top track! Thank you for the effort. I have tons of fun with it.
Here's a video of a lap (A variant):
Knocking it out the park once again
Fantastic track. Thank you
Thank you, I really like your grade 3 and 4 tracks
Another fantastic creation from doublezero. The textures, lighting and details are superb. Perfect for a believable, immersive track experience.
Woo Hoo! You can't go wrong with a doublezero track. They're always worthy of a 5-star rating. Thanks!
I usually avoid fictional tracks, but after seeing the video I had to try this. This is just excellent, feels like a real track except is more fun than most IRL tracks :)
Agent 00 is the best curve maker in AC modding. Quit wasting time reading reviews. Get your ass on that asphalt, go have fun.
Excellent circuit with a great road feel and suitable for a variety of grids. Thank you!
Thanks to guys like you Assetto Corsa is that GREAT. A new release from doublezero always means very good news. Thank you a lot
Génial! Un tracé avec du rythme, c'est ce que j'adore! Merci beaucoup.
Great release as always, mate!

"Mom, can we have Sonoma Raceway at home?"
"No, we have Sonoma Raceway at home."
Sonoma Raceway at home :
Absolutely spiffing stuff, as usual. Can't believe someone docked points because of a small camera issue instead of reporting it in the discussion thread.
Amazing job!

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