Autodromo de Palmadera

Autodromo de Palmadera 0.9.1

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Location: Near a Mountain
FIA Grade: 2
Length: 4.08km / 2.53mi
Width: 12m-19m / 39-62ft
Main straight: 1.4km / 0.87mi
Elevation change: 109m / 358ft

  • 2 Layouts, 34 pits
  • Separate road mesh
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Working AI + hints and custom sidelines
  • Working start lights
  • Custom In-game track maps
  • DRS zone (Main straight)
  • Replay cameras (Multiple sets)
  • KSLAYERS - Less trackside objects at lower "World details" setting (crowd, marshals, vehicles etc.)

CM/CSP Features:
  • Optional skin for brake markers (Inverted colors)
  • Grass FX - 3D grass
  • Rain FX - Wet track
  • Flags FX - Flags are affected by wind speed and direction.
  • Lighting FX - Night lights
  • Extra FX - Volumetric floodlights
  • Digital Flags, Additional Start/Pit lights
  • VAO patch - Vertex Ambient Occlusion

To do list:
Ambient Sounds, Animations


Latest reviews

Amazing, funny, perfect.
best fun track
Like @vallis_s said: "..., just download it. It's a no-brainer."

Doesn't matter whether you drive at day or night, with or w/o the highspeed-cutting chicane at the downhill main straight. It's just awesome to drive (tested it with a LMH car).

A lot of older tracks nowadays are made more safe with adding a chicane to reduce highspeeds, like e.g. 1st chicane at Monza or last chicane at Spa-Franchorchamps. Often those chicanes kill the flow of the origin circuit.

Not THIS chicane. It flows as well as the entire circuit.
Buy your ticket for a ride on this rollercoaster! Buy "3 for 2" because you don't wanna stop after your first run. :-)

Scenery is beautiful, too. 5 stars w/o any doubt.
You're a legend. I am eternally grateful for all your works.

For anyone else reading these review, just download it. It's a no-brainer. The quality is top notch, and it can NOT get any better when it comes to free content.
This track, even with Formulas, it's the most fun I've had in a while. The straights, the braking zones, the turns. It's bloody good!
Top tier mod! The most fun I had in a while on a "new" track. The mod itself is also very vell executed. Definitely one of my all time favorite AC mods.
Very Nice track, the elevation changes, the camber of the corners and that last part with the longn downhill, soooo good!
Awesome track. Thanks.
Please Please make reverse Layouts
This has become one of my favourite tracks! Really good flow, and so much fun in the fastest open wheelers!
Great track, fun to drive :D
The perfect layout !
This is the must have race track, it is almost impossible to create anything better or more exciting, there's all you need, thank you!!!

It is like Mount Panorama but a little bit better.

It's perfect for super fast cars!!!
Nice track!!! Thank you !!!
Excellent, like all the stuff from doublezero!
Incredible track. Great flow. Love the elevation changes. Super fun in the Praga
This track is really nice to drive with the formula hybrid 2022, what also makes it good is that you can run multiple setups sector 1 is high df sector 3 is flat out low df... awesome
Would put here an emoji with jaw dropping to express my opinion about that track, but can't do it...
Great creation! An exciting layout put in a stunning landscape,
very realistic visual details and spectacular elevations: Decidedly, a doublezero track that one keeps in its collection!

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