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Phillip Island (V8 Supercars) 2.11

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Hi all.

Next australian track here. You will be able to run it with a lot of different cars I suppose :)
Many thanks to Richo for the initial track.
Thanks to Raph for new cams and Denis for loading screen and minimap.
Usual stuff added.
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Latest updates

  1. AIW, cams and AI rebuild by Gringo

    Faster AI, new cams, etc. ;)
  2. Some updates

    Hi! Another great track for the coming SuperV8. Grass added, road texture changed, water added...

Latest reviews

As I live in Australia, I have versions of this track on other sims and use it as my test track for other car mods. This version is the best I've seen so far. Great work.
Patrick Giranthon
I Will update grass and trees asap, i think It Will be even better after ;)
Thank you so very much for all the continueing updates. Not very often that someone keeps revisiting previous work in a endless pursuit of refinement. Excellent! Thanks again :)
This is a good track and the conversion is an upgrade considering the GSC surface shaders like road and grass. The original track has a nice road surface with good FFB feeling and the elevation and camber changes are well done. Good performance should be experienced as the poly count is a bit low (you can notice)... but its not a deal breaker. A new AIW makes the AI are quick and overall AI performance is good (no crashing in the pits or abnormal slowdowns etc.)
The real Philip Island is a great race track - a classic.
This GSCE version is not great. The graphics are substandard compared to original tracks with jaggies which can put you off as it is especially prominent on the white lines of which there are plenty. Here the AI are way off the pace at 100% (typically at 100% on all the original tracks I - an average driver - can run with them and maybe get pole by a few tenths) but these Philip Island AI are about 2 seconds down on my pace.
The only reason I give this rating because the black stuff, the actual track, is driveable and feels good. The track flows nicely and the elevations are really challenging. Verdict: shame this great track is not of the high standard of the originals because it deserves to be better in GSCE. Nevertheless I keep it on my harddrive because the layout is so good and hope the OzV8 addon coming soon might also have this thrown in as a Reiza original...
Fun track. Thank you! :)
One of Australia's best tracks & sadly underutilised in sim racing.
Great Track, Thanks.

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