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Portland (2 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 1.21

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Portland International Raceway v1.21

Special note :
It should be possible to overwrite an old version with this update. However if you have any loading errors be sure to remove any previous versions of "VanportCART" from your locations folder before installing Portland v1.21.

You will find the track listed in the AMS main menu under
"Addon Tracks / Portland Int'l Raceway"


Sept 2017 update :




Hi everyone.
Here comes Vanport to celebrate the CART mod release!

GSC version revisited concerning trees, water, crowd, dynamic track, etc.
I have added the non-chicane version and a summer layout for both chicane and non-chicane track.

Many thanks to Alex Sawczuk for the original track
Thanks to Gringo for the new AIW
Thanks to Denis for loading screens
Thanks to Luigi for new cams

Latest updates

  1. Fix the broken grandstand transparency, Add road seams to concrete patches

    (Portland_(Vanport)_AMS_V1.21.7z) MD5 = F599CE7A5FC5CF4341A016BAEE6184DB Portland Int'l Raceway...
  2. Maintenance update, Road shaders upgraded, New pit layout

    Portland Int'l Raceway v1.20 A maintenance update with some additional upgrades for Portland to...
  3. Grass update and gdb update for real life air temperature

Latest reviews

I have been playing this with the CART Extreme mod recently and have been having a lot of fun! The camera angles by Luigi are top-notch and fantastic!

Note: The AI at 100% are faster than the real-life drivers and cars were in the 1998 CART FedEx World Series.
Nice track, well done!
Thank you very much!
Great as always, thanks!!!
5 stars.
A special thanks for this:
* New 40 car 20 team paddock and pit lane layout.
Amazing work, Gringo! Cheers!
Can I ask why you changed the grandstands in 1.2? The track is amazing, and the updates are great, but the previous stands looked more lie the real ones than the updated stands. Not sure why you added opaque walls around the sides.
Patrick Giranthon
You have found a materials bug I didn't notice. Please use the support forum for any issues, discussion in the rating comments is impossible.
thumbs up!
Thank You
Unparalleled attention to detail and skills. This "maintenance update" is a massive amount of highly detailed and complicated work. We don't deserve such high quality for free.
Thanks so much to you and Gringo and all involved for continuing to support your awesome tracks.
Gorgeous track. Loads of fun with your CART Extreme mod.
it is from patrick...nothing more to say :D
As a Portland native I have to say you really nailed this track. Thanks again for all your hard work!
Just wanted to upload some comparison shots of the real track to show how awesome this mod is. Fantastic detail!
Been putting in some laps on this one lately. 5 star as always.
Great work ! ! ! Thank you very much.
One of my all time favorites probably because I live here as well and have been around it a few times on my own. One of Alex's greats from back in the day that for some reason or other isn't in any of Reiza's stuff. Really nice to see a reputable con/version done and the main reason I just ponied up for AMS and the Pass. The version that I had for GSC only ran without the Festival Curve and I don't know of hardly an event there that doesn't use it IRL. Outside of a few niggles with the hard-coded pits and some of the signage being for Brazilian petroleum products not available here an outstanding effort
Once again, let me be the first. ;)
I was just (trying) to play today on this track and whatever I do, I got AMS just froze. :S
So I was planing for later today to ask here is this only me or track is non compatible with latest game version. But here it is ..a brand new version. What a coincidence.
I'll hope this one will work. Finger crossed. =)
Thanks Pat.
Must have!!

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Patrick Giranthon
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