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Okayama (3 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 1.2

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Hi guys.
Wow, it was long and difficult but here it comes finally.
As poeple want to drive rather than to read, I think listing all the stuff done here is not really usefull :p
Correcting some inaccuracies was a long job and unfortunately some are still there (but mainly in moutains, so not a big deal)

Thanks a lot to Gringo who helped me here in various activities, and who worked a lot on AIW. He also pushed me and helped me to do the piper version :x3:

Thanks to Denis fort loading screens
Thanks to Luigi for his great great cams

NOTE : this track is NOT in the megapack.

Okayama for AMS has a lot of graphical detail and will be a challenge for many computer systems. With +22,000 trees, +118,000 grass blades, and high detail track surface the total poly count is over 1.5 million faces. With that in mind a lot of attention to Track Detail settings was made. If you find that the track performance is slow for you be sure to experiment with the Track Detail settings from the AMS graphics menu. Improved FPS should be found from switching to High or Medium compared to Max detail without much negative impact to the overall visuals. You will gain a lot of FPS from Low detail but at this level most of the track side eye candy will be removed. Some benefit should be found by reducing shadow detail, however compared to many tracks, Okayama has very few shadows.

Latest updates

  1. Maintenance update, Road textures and shaders upgraded

    (Okayama_AMS_V1.20.7z) MD5 = 2483381ef23bc23d43096ae60e06af2c A maintenance update for Okayama...
  2. Grass and Temp update

    Grass and Temp update on both versions and all seasons
  3. Single track package of Okayama for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.2

    This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track...

Latest reviews

very good
thank you very much
with the PG qualiy sign, dudes enjoy!
Luv ya, and thank ya for all your AMS offerings
perfect track
Thanks for this update, excellent :)
Tons of work to perfect every layout of every track. A great track found in other sims, too!
This upgrade has made a great difference, Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for bring us this track. It looks great and it's fun to race on.
awsome , tracks looks great , so need the look in ams....thanks
Patrick Giranthon Track = Quality Ultra +++ Merci!!
Great job.
Thanks... track is fantastic.
I love this sim and your tracks. Thanks so much
great track and great work gents, thanks alot! :)
Top work as always. Thanks Patrick!
nice track as usual with Patrick's work

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Patrick Giranthon
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