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Snetterton (2 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 2.00

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Snetterton Circuit v2.0

Special note : Make sure to remove any previous versions of "Snetterton_BTCC11" from your locations folder before installing Snetterton v2.

Extensive track refurbishment, practically every detail new or improved.




EDIT Sept. 2017 :


Hello guys.

Here is a 4th british track to complete the Brit pack. :)
Many thanks to Lasercutter for permissions.

A lot of stuff injected in this version.
We have also added the 2nd layout Snetterton 200
Usual stuff inside like AO, dynamic road, heli, etc, etc
I also multiplied road polys by 4, to have smoother lines and curves.

Thanks to the team : Luigi for cams, Denis for pictures and Gringo for his help on various tasks, including AI of course!

Latest updates

  1. Extensive track renovation, New track surface, curbs, 3D armco, 40 car garage

    (Snetterton_AMS_V2.00.7z) MD5 = 02349FFEAB0AA89E1A40EEE9F0FEDDE1 Hello AMS racers, I am...
  2. Grass update and gdb update for real life air temperature

  3. Single track package of Snetterton for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.2

    This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track...

Latest reviews

Really enjoyable to race.
Fantastic ! Was dying to be able to race 30 cars at Snetterton :) Do you consider making Silverstone National ? Would be great for touring cars :)
Very nice upgrade. Thank you for sharing.
Unbelievable dedication to the best quality possible for AMS. Could only better (6 stars!) with the addition of the 100 layout ;)
Excellent. Thanks a lot for your wotk and dedication
Thank You
Thanks for the update, Gringo, it´s great!!! :-)
I like this little track. I played first with the rFactor (1) version by a few years ago. Now, I got this with a quality step, what is like the jump from rFactor to AMS.
Thanks as always
Great job . Thank you very much.
Awsome as always mate. Thanks. Now all we need is knockhill for an almost full BTCC track list :-)
Top notch conversion! More tracks like this please!
Thank you very much to the original creators and the all team that made the conversion! Top quality track 5*
Very good!
Great track to add to the Brit pack, Thanks :)
Encore un super job de votre part!!! Un grand merci. :D
Patrick Giranthon
Merci à toi ;)
it shows "error loading texture E35BBLUE2" to me when loading into this track, anyone has the same problem?
Patrick Giranthon
It is the helicopter texture. Should be ok, in the v1.1. Try to check file integrity with steam. Are you sure to have v1.1 or v1.1.1 of AMS???
brilliant as usual

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