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Val de Vienne (2 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 1.20

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Circuit du Val de Vienne v1.20

Special note :
It should be possible to overwrite an old version with this update. However if you have any loading errors be sure to remove any previous versions of "ValdeVienne" from your locations folder before installing v1.20

A maintenance update with some additional upgrades for Val de Vienne to improve performance and take advantage of the latest AMS v1.5+ standards.






Here comes Val de Vienne (le Vigeant) with 2 layouts (moto version included)
Very used track in France.

Thanks to Fabrice (fabfr06) for the initial track and to have proposed it to me.

Very nice and technical track, hope you will enjoy. We put all our knowledge to offer you the best possible driving experience and accuracy.
Finally the 2017 hotel has been added by Gringo.

Thanks to Gringo for his big help here (3d curbs, hotel, AIW, pits and other stuff I will not list).
Thanks to Denis for loading screens
Thanks to JoRo for curb textures
Thanks to Luigi for his nice cams

Latest updates

  1. Maintenance update, Mesh optimization, Deep cleaning

    (ValdeVienne_AMS_V1.20.7z) MD5 = F82A58BA4564812290F07260A7FF03E2 Circuit du Val de Vienne...
  2. Grass update and GDB update with real life temperatures

    Corrected mas error file
  3. Grass update and GDB update with real life temperatures

    Grass update and GDB update with real life temperatures

Latest reviews

Excellent de retrouver ce circuit dans AMS ! Je connais bien ce circuit j'habite à une 50aine de kms :)
Thank you for everything you've added to this wonderful game, Patrick. It can't be measured.
Amazing! Very good! Thank you very much!
Knew nothing about this track...very fun and challenging current obsession. Thank you!
Another home run update. Massive amounts of behind the scenes detail work to make the track perfect for the rest of us.
I literally live 30 minutes away from this track, great work !
Excellent! Such high quality renditions of lesser known tracks is a big part of what great modding is all about. Well done to all involved and please keep them coming!
Amazing! We are hungry for your work. Thank you !!!
Thanks alot
merci, superbe tracé
Very good quality and a completely unknown track to me.. It takes a few laps to get to get into the "groove", but then it's really enjoyable to drive!
Big thanks to all involved..
Great quality. One of those tracks that people who say AMS has bad graphics, should see.
Thanks for doing these lesser known tracks! I'd never heard of this before, but I love it. I hope you keep bringing these hidden gems.
wow, very pleased with this one... great quality, i'm really impressed. I used this track (the real one i mean) about 5-6 times, and this version is very close (not perfect, but very well done) so big thanks :)
another beauty from you and the team.
Thank you so much. So happy you keep bringing these quality tracks free from charge to us. It's amazing how you modders expand the universe of AMS. Loving it!!!
As always, great work ! ! !
Thank you very much !
Thanks, your tracks are always a pleasure.
Great track. Knew it from rF2, but this one looks better ;-)
Thanks for sharing !

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