[PHYSICS] Porsche 963

[PHYSICS] Porsche 963 1.8

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Meant to replace the data for the Porsche 963 by SDD TG

Physics have been reworked to the best of my ability given the sources available.

Torque Curve - 520kW@8000 8158rpm

Help on the following would be incredibly appreciated.
- Cockpit Adjustable ARB. If anyone knows how to implement it.

If anyone has any info or anything, we could discuss on the discussion section or do drop me a DM.

Latest updates

  1. TG's version is now live (SDD version will be removed)

    Major updates are now live. Torque curve have been reworked. Weight distribution and fuel tank...
  2. Future updates will be catered towards TG's version.

    From 23/7 onwards, physics will be catered towards TG's version instead of SDD. SDD version will...
  3. Fuel Tank Size and Consumption in accordance to regulation

    - Adjusted auto cut off time in accordance to regulation - Adjusted fuel tank size and...

Latest reviews

Incredible how has improved the mod!!
I have an issue but since I bought this car, at 1st gear with low revs it's dead. I do understand it's because IRL has an electric engine from where it starts rolling, but I cannot find a way to configure it! Anyone knows how to solve this?
Its amazing, but maybe its too fast. Its much faster than TGs 963, but its not bad, maybe if you will make same mods for other **** mods by SDD, like 499p, GR010 or A480 it would be amazing
Can i have the exact name of the car folder please ?
Because I have 4 different version
Great work, vast improvement to the standard model. I found that it's a bit too fast in comparison to other LMDh and LMH mods so maybe some balancing would be needed. Also tyre model needs a bit more polish imo. Temperatures are not really steady.
Awesome work. There maybe a chance you can do the rest of the LMDH cars please, The Bmw Gtp car also like the Vanwall, doesnt get a lot of love. Thanks again
Excellent work! For anyone who don't know: the ********************* version of the Porsche 963 has a terrible physics and tyres (probably recycled from other cars, like the Porsche 919 hybrid by Kunos simulazioni), this studio is actually famous for doing these shameful scam. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this thing and i bought the mod. Although after a few laps at Le Mans, I immediately noticed this because the car's performance does not reflect reality. Thanks to this mod, the physics and realism of the car have improved significantly. Highly recommended! I suggest to pirate the version of ********************* (it's easy to find online) and install this mod.
Well worth a try, I found it a vast improvement
The 963 mod I was driving so far was one that included URD physics, very stable, rolls on rails, perhaps too much. That's "good" for when you don't have much skills; It allows you to drive without constantly crashing, and encourages you to keep playing.

I think your mod makes the car a bit more "spicy"...it still drives very well, but you have to be careful if you hit the banks or grass, or how you accelerate when managing corners so you don't get understeering. .. I like it better than the version I had before, it makes the car more fun to drive and perhaps more "real", although as I will never know, having never had the pleasure of driving one of those things in real life..

Thank you for doing that magic with the mods and sharing it with others.
Dank voor deze ,lijkt me een goede verbetering.
The latest update has made this car super stable. it only has problems if you drive it bad. After a few laps I was able to dial in a lap with no lock ups, no understeer and no snapping at all. Thank you for the update
It's much better than the original car and closer to reality, I need to try with all LMDh (Cadillac, BMW and Acura) for to make a custom championship IMSA 2023
Let me know if you're up to it. Maybe we could work together.
Love the updates. However personally the 1.0 version was better, this version seems to oversteer too much, so the car has gone from Understeery, to relatively stable but still quite dicey, to having no rear end
Much better than the original. Please also the 499.
Glad you liked it. LMH data are too obscure. Maybe LMDh when there's enough intrest.
Whole new car thanks!
I was just doing some laps in this car last night on the Autopolis Track. with your mod i went from 1:42 last night to 1:39 tonight, and I just ran 3 laps. Now you need to fix the 499 and 9x8...LOL. Great job on this one.
Thanks alot. LMH data are too obscure. Maybe LMDh when there's enough intrest.
this mod brought the car to life for sure. Alot better than the original.
Its a lot better than the original car from SDD! Its very nice to drive

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