Porsche 908LH - Le Mans 1968 (4x Liveries/4K)

Porsche 908LH - Le Mans 1968 (4x Liveries/4K) 1.0

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Porsche's first aim at an overall win at the Le Mans 24h, after over a decade of class wins, came in 1968. The new 908 was modified with a longer tail and movable flaps mounted for additional downforce while not slowing the car down on the Mulsane straight. The 908LH proved fast, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the qualifying results being a 908LH.

Unfortunately, problems plagued the 908's after a long battle with J.W.A GT40's. Only one of the 4 cars finished the race, 3rd overall.

Utilizing custom decals, and custom numbers drawn by @mrspasta2001 :)
Also had a fun time finding out each car's license plate because yes, they had them.

--The pics--

#31 - Driven by: Jo Siffert (CH)/Hans Herrmann (D) (DNF)

#32 - Driven by: Gerhard Mitter (D)/Vic Elford (GB) (DQ)

#33 - Driven by: Rolf Stommelen (D)/Jochen Neerpasch (D) (3rd)

#34 - Driven by: Joe Buzzetta (USA)/Scooter Patrick (USA) (DNF)

Should go well alongside the J.W.A GT40's: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-gt40-le-mans-1968-3-liveries-4k.55083/

Bye bye

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Great livery pack!
Until you see them, you don't appreciate just how many small details go into these to give the immersion factor. Things like the inconsistency in placing decals and numbers give it great realism and makes it feel more 'real' - thanks
Thanks Pasta, great work as always. 5/5

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