Realistic Touge Project Release #1: Maze Pass

Realistic Touge Project Release #1: Maze Pass 1.0

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Realistic Touge Project is a group of track modders that have one goal in mind- replicating touge roads in assetto as close to real life as possible. Our team of modders want to bring the community the most realistic public road experience as possible, including road width, elevation, camber, bumps, markings, and scenery.

---Maze Pass---

Maze Pass is a very unique tight touge located in Nagatoro, Saitama. The touge itself feels like a rally course with how narrow the road surface is and it is best known for being featured in Initial D. Some of the significant locations people may remember is the extremely tight hairpin near the top of the course, making a 180 degree turn.

Another interesting landmark on the course is this pile of dirt left on half of the road, making it an extremely tight spot to drive by. This was even seen in Initial D and it is still left their today in real life.

Something you will notice with this touge is the drains that cross the road in several spots. These drains can cause the car to become unstable if not driven over carefully. This is in fact how Wataru spun out on the hillclimb in Initial D, right at this spot here.

Towards the bottom of the touge you will see a very long straightaway that breaks all rhythm of the technical course. This is the location where Takumi passed the cappuccino in Initial D.
At the bottom of this touge, you will see it ends at an intersection with a 2 lane road, leaving a much bigger area to park compared to the top of the touge.

Here you can see the road in the rain in this video below using the Beta CSP rain feature.


This version of Maze Pass comes with 3 different layouts. The Real Downhill and Real Uphill are replicas of the road in real life with similar grip values as well. You will find with the Real Downhill that the spawn area is very cramped, which is realistic to real life. No parking lots or anything like that on top of the touge. This is the reason I made the Battle Downhill layout. This layout has a huge flat area to spawn and drive onto the road with no issues bumping other cars. The grip values are also the same as on the real versions. It also comes with skins for different seasons and conditions; Autumn, Winter, and Snow.

Enjoy the touge!

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Like this track but , guard rails kinda buggy if you hit it on high angle you will hit collision edge or smth , this need to be fixed I think , also optimisation but this just my computar piece of junk
Thx Nice track updated
Nice worK!

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