Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus  liveries P4/5

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus liveries P4/5 1.0.2

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Latest updates

  1. Just added lighter 2k versions of the two skins available.

    Sorry no suits yet, but the helmet included is designed by @blackcelica in the old days and...
  2. My race liveries for the P4/5.

    Soon to be updated with suits.... http://jurgenvdn.***********/skyspeedskins

Latest reviews

KOOL!!! * Downloaded * THANX
absolut perfect skin, many thanks
Superb skins... Although the blue Bilstein skin is the star of the show! Would prefer a Kunos style preview with the ksPreviewBuilder.exe To be honest I almost rated 4 stars for that... But I'm feeling generous lol And the blue skin is too good for 4 stars! Thanks ;)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
The skins will be updated with a new preview too when the suits arrive. Thx for the generosity.
High quality work as usual....thank you!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Terrible review! ! Thanks ;-)
Great skin! Thanks! Looking forward to the other ones that are coming. =]
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Me too actually :-)
Amazing. Simply amazing. Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you my friend, this car is somewhat forgotten. Reviving it this way a bit ;-)
that blue shade is awesome!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
thank you, love this skin too ;)
Very interesting design, from colour combos, part assignments, and special highlights. For some reason my favourite section is the Bilstein text at the bottom of the doors. I love how it accentuates the convex sides of the P4/5.
Excellent. Thank you for helping this oft-forgotten gem from AC.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
The template offers a great variety of skin patterns, I have another 5 or so skins waiting for this car, but currently busy with a Lotus Evora GTC skin. Thanks for your kind review.
Wow!! no words absolutely brilliant, cool!! nice nice thank you very much
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome :-)
A brilliant work again ;-)
Love this car. Awesome work :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Yeah it does look very complete and colourmatching, I try as much as possible to hold a continuous line into the racing stripes. Discontinuity and asymmetric configurations are race livery killers. Apart from some art cars ;-) Thanks for the rating!!
Superb work!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks, i'm really getting into semi-fictional racing liveries ;-)
Veeeeery nice!!! Tnx!

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