Scuderia Speciale skin pack

Scuderia Speciale skin pack 0.8

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A GT3 Blancpain dual skin as part of a small Scuderia Speciale skin pack. (as a destraction from the P1 skin pack and some other projects).
The liveries have evolved from the Speciale GT skins of the 458 Speciale skin pack.
So they will keep the same basic painting stripes but will come per two in different colors and sponsor logo's.

Latest updates

  1. Added colours to the pack, though without (Blancpain) sponsor, oh and one extra.

    http://jurgenvdn.***********/skyspeedskins Helmets by @blackcelica , who designed these way back...

Latest reviews

Sweet skin can you make a 488 version pls....?...and TY for this one ;)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
488 probably after summer. Thx
Amazing color combination! Any chance to have them for the 488 as well? ;)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
After the summer probably. Thx
What maranello78 said..... Thanks for your work, always appreciated.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Any time ;-)
Great designs like usually love the orange/grey 458!!!! thank you my friend
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
No thank you sir. And you're welcome.
Great skin pack!!....Great work!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks my friend. Thanks for the extra publicity through your site.
these are killers.. i don't really, really dare to scratch them :p
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
And you shouldn't!! thx for the stars by the way
A wonderful work and i like these red Pirelli-Tyres again ;-) :-D
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you my biggest fan. How's the TT123 P4/5C?
Very nice job mate! Really nice colours! Keep it up this way!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks mate. Appreciate it. Big hugs and kisses... not gay.
OMG the colors of the top car...KILLER. How did you get that gigantic Blancpain watch? Very cool. One suggestion, driver side logo, perhaps make larger and put on an angle?
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Blancpain watch via Google pics, large resolution...copy and paste with correct layer indication, then color in arrows and voila.
Side logo even bigger? I'll experiment with that but not sure. Thanks for your review.

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Grand Tourist
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