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Shomaru Mountain Pass 0.9.5

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Authorized Conversion
Original Creator :


Converted to Assetto Corsa by: Tiago Lima

Fully Functional track
10 Pit boxes

Thanks to antudusun for His permition


Free free to give ideas to improvements :)

Special Thanks :
-All the friends at Sim Racing Portugal that helped with testing
-All The ideas from people around the forums
-Word Sim Racing Championship
-Michael Hornbuckle for helping in testing

Thanks For All comments
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Latest reviews

This is one of the best tightest touge tracks one of the most difficult out there. i really really wanna give this 5 stars from all the good times made there.. but theres one crucial issue, after the parking lot with sign going to 90degrees left into the harder section of the map with all the turns, on the first or second left hairpin where the bushes sticks out one of the bushes are solid and protrudes out the track right at the apex of the hairpin, causing you to crash if you hit the bush/weed sticking out... hopefully this can get fixed !
Amazing. Thx!
One of my favorites; beautiful, fun, tight and technical! I only wish the airplane in the sky would move. Kind of ruins immersion for me.
Very nice!
thanks :)
Good conversion. Very nice rally track. We would love to see it updated even more with some more details and high resolution road mesh.Thanks for the work!
Nice track. Having some sectors would be nice too. High rez road mesh would be a blast!
Not quite as good as some of your other conversions, but still a pretty cool track nonetheless :)
Too narrow but since Taigo only converts other people's work, there is not much we can do about it.
Excellent work! Please don't stop making the point to point type tracks. Touge FTW! :D
Thanks Tiago!
BTW, you're getting better and better at this. :)
ask for donations for easy conversions, not fair, do not hang so many conversions and make your own mod, thanks
Tiago why ware you converting tons of tracks instead of making 3 or 4 realy good ones? this flood of last gen looking tracks is not the quality that AC mods should reach =/
I love the road but there are a few VERY devastating rough areas on some of the corners. Not sure if that's intentional.
So good to find something like that. Think, many of us want more similiar to this! Mean, more city,fields,country - view - tracks in AC. And more fast road-sportcars!!
I really love driving in this circuit. Thank you so much. It looks good, but there are some little sections where the trees look poorly modeled, but it doesn't affect the experience. Good work!
This is excellent, thank you very much, great fun to drive and looks really nice.
Nice track, lots of fun.
Thanks Tiago.

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