Sunny Sky Speed racing livery pack

Sunny Sky Speed racing livery pack 1.0

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Edit: This pack contains my personal (best) new and reworked race skins and will be updated now and then, easier for me and easier for you.
Hope you enjoy the pack ;)
SCG-Bilstein (view update 1 for action screens at Spa ;))

GoDaddy Indy

Audi Tribute

Black Widow

Black Widow-Venom



Kunos Italia

SCG Bilstein tire

Cameron Glickenhaus driver name

Latest updates

  1. Added 2 Frerrari 458 Speciale Scuderia skins

    Just added the latest 2 Ferrari 458 Scuderia Speciale GT3 skins. More will course.
  2. important change made to Lotus Evora GTC Beast skin, occlusion layer!!!!

    Sorry guys, forgot the occlusion layer :sleep::cautious::whistling::redface: in the last update...
  3. Added Lotus Evora GTC Kunos Beast Wildcat skin

    added 1 new car: Lotus Evora GTC with Kunos Beast Wildcat skin (also available seperately).

Latest reviews

So nice. Thank you very much.
Just Brilliant work man !!!
Thanks again
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you for the compliments.
Great skin collection!! Amazing!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you, and thanks for sharing my P1 Sport pack on your site.
those are the real, real magnificent quality class of the arts. from one of the best painters on AC!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Wow, you make me blush!! Thanks a million fort nice compliments!
One word. Outstanding.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
I am going to update this with suits made all by you, so thank you too sir for your creative and professional work.
Your P4 is superb!!!! congratulations nice nice nice!!!! thank you very much
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thank you very much for the compliments.
Very nice skins. Thank you.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome.
I love this skins from the golden boy of skins...your work is so fantastic absolutely brilliant in all details ;-) !!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
And a golden rating from you!
Wow. Hoping this gets the downloads it deserves tomorrow, special special special. Those graffiti reflections...are those from Kunos ring?
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks man. The reflections are indeed Kunos ring screens from the Dream Pack.
wow excellent skins, I love it ! Thx mate*****
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Appreciate it.
brilliant work as usual bud thanks
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks very much, me happy :-)
Really Nice, Thank you for sharing!!!!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome

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