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Suzuki Swift Sport HT81S 1.04

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In 2003, Suzuki added a sports grade to the Swift. This car was called "Swift Sport" (Ignis Sport in the European market).

It was inspired by the Ignis Super 1600, which was competing in the JWRC at the time, with wider wheel treads, a 1.5L engine, and a 5-speed manual transmission. It also features semi-bucket seats co-developed with RECARO, and carbon-like panels on various parts are eye-catching.
In the JWRC, it is called the "Yellow Bullet" because of its small yellow body (according to official information from Suzuki), and in Japan it is called the "Big Man's Vehicle" for an unknown reason.
It is also known for the episode that when a Swift Sport rolled over in Shutoko, the driver behind the car was more worried about the wheel than the occupants' condition because of the high performance of the shock-absorbing body called "TECT".

Although the model name HT81S can be said to be the first model of Swift Sport, it is officially considered to have never existed in the history of Swift Sport due to the fact that the name was not unified internationally. However, there is no end to the number of Suzuki fans who are still attracted by its high cost performance and nimble driving performance.

Special Thanks:
Zao michiko(@Michinoku_motor
Ulla Lorentz(@ulla_lorentz)
Minami Shin(@sinitidennis)
Kijima Lear(@Kijima_Lear)
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.04

    Add warning lights around the instrument panel. (side brake, fuel, high beam, etc...) Fixed high...
  2. Version 1.03

    Texture names have been corrected. I think this avoids a bug in the content manager.
  3. Version 1.01

    Fixed some textures and UVs. Added CSP features such as blinkers, materials, etc. Added Suzuki...

Latest reviews

Keeps coming up with analog instrument errors every time I try to use it
I have to say the first time i drove this mod i thought it was a bit unrealistic with how much grip the car has, After becoming an owner of one of these last week i can 100% say the real thing handles the literally exactly like this
CM Showroom / Custom Previews still not working on V1.04.

Other than that it is fun to drive & look great!!!
Good job mate! getting better & better.
Best car i have driven i have a big Suzuki Swift collection in real life this mod does the car its justice when you think of Japan motors a Toyota Hilux and a Toyota will vi come to mind for example but this car is the best car i have ever driven in my life on content manager and in real life it is a masterpiece which im all for well done to the creator what a beast and to the Japanese for engineering the greatest car of this generation.
The new update doesn't allow for custom previews. Is it encrypted? The previews version allowed them just fine.
Texture names have been corrected in the latest version. Please check it.
Great potential to be a really good and fun car in AC.
Thanks Nix!
The 3D model is promising. But it's more like v0.3 and not v0.9. The sound is from a Kunos car, the speedometer and tachometer have poor resolution. The handling is probably also from a Kunos car. I hope you don't give up but there is still a lot to do.

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