Toyota Corolla Touring Wagon BZ Touring 1997

Toyota Corolla Touring Wagon BZ Touring 1997 0.9

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In the 90s, station wagons were popular in Japan. Toyota has created a touring wagon based on the Corolla, and one of its grades is a hard sports grade.
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That is the "BZ Touring", and the engine is equipped with the 4A-GE inherited from Levin-Trueno. Later models had a 6-speed manual transmission, further strengthening its character as a sports wagon.
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The specification created this time is an example owned by an actual owner, and is equipped with an optional mesh grille, rear quarter TV antenna, and air purifier. In addition, the 14-inch Watanabe 8-spoke, Momo steering wheel, TRD shift knob, etc. are reproduced.
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Always wished I could have driven the BZ touring in real life as there were a few in my city. Loving this mod, even if its a fraction of the real experience.
Man, this is so much fun to drive.
Engine sounds perfect, would love a AE111 levin or trueno
Really like it, my only complaint is the lack of a rev limiter and how the engine takes damage pretty easily because of it.
Amazing Mod .Unbelievable.
Totally scratch made ,nothing ever like this appears in the community.
Sprinter Carib BZ Touring is Next I Guess.
great mods with great physics, really reminds me of my dads's ae101. Only one nitpick though, the interior dont have a light shadow. Hope you can fix it for next update
Beautiful. The ol' reliable Toyota Corolla. It's a legend among dads. Any chance you make the sedan version too?

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