Taupo International Motorsport Park

Taupo International Motorsport Park 1.03

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Taupo International Motorsport Park and Events Centre (previously known as the Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park) is a motorsports circuit located in Broadlands Road, Taupo, New Zealand.
The circuit was an upgrade from a 1.398 km (0.869 mi) Taupo Car Club's circuit to the new 3.500 km (2.175 mi) international layout in 2006. (Wikipedia)
Conversion from rFactor.

-CSP recommended
-32 pit/start
-AI, cam
-5 layouts

Credits & Thanks;
Original rFactor Track by Daniel Greenwood
-Thanks for giving me permission.

AC Converted by @shin956
Terrain and tyre walls a parallax texture by @Tyrone/Nukedrop
logo.png and sections.ini by @Fanapryde
cameraman, background, tree, Dragstrip objects and some textures by kunos
Test and Feedback by @breathe_reprise , @macko68 , @Mascot

Converted upon request by Patreon member john brown.

If you feel like donating something: https://www.patreon.com/shin956

Latest updates

  1. 1.03 update

    v1.03 changelog; -Fixed an issue with the chicane tire walls on the International (Pre 2015)...
  2. 1.02 update

    v1.02 changelog; -Fixed an issue with Dragstrip layout that prevented time measurement. -Hidden...
  3. 1.01 update

    v1.01 changelog; -Added Dragstrip layout. -The UI layout name now matches the name on the...

Latest reviews

thank you,look great track + new drag track i was searching for.
Fantastic work Shin !
Great track.
thank you.
Nice track and good job with the surroundings
Beautiful track with many layouts.
Very nice! Thank you very much for this track.
What a great track. The scenery is great, the track looks great in the morning sun. Really nice track layout. Fun corners and chinaces. I myself drove on this track on the Seat Leon (2022), which is a great fit for this track. One layout has a fun bounce. The track has some great little descents and ascents. The track elements are really nicely modeled. Really good track, this went to my own five-star favorites immediately.
Fantastic circuit!
This is such a good track!
Yes, I remember. I am old and nostalgic. Thanks for your enhanced conversions. I love them.

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