The Many-Faced Dash

The Many-Faced Dash 1.3.0

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A customizable SimHub dash for ACC and iRacing

Hi, here is a SimHub Dash Studio dashboard for Assetto Corsa Competizionne and iRacing. It is meant to be flexible enough to use with any car and highly customizable. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

For instructions about installing and using the dash, please extract the downloaded archive and refer to the provided “READ ME” PDF documentation.

Please make sure SimHub is up to date. Some features may not work on older versions.

As always, massive thanks to Wotever for creating the amazing SimHub software and providing great support.
Thanks to all the brilliant people helping and sharing on the SimHub discord. Keep it coming!


I gladly share all my SimHub creations for free.
If you feel they're worth a small donation, thank you very much!

Latest updates

  1. Update Link

    Resources and updates available here...
  2. 1.2.3 – Plugin hotfix

    - Fixed a couple of errors generated by the iRacing extra properties plugin.
  3. 1.2.2 – ACC engine start animation - iRacing Fuel calculator rework - RPM LEDS / Delta bar toggle

    - Added a tactile button to toggle between rpm LEDs and delta bar mode on the fly. Tap the car...

Latest reviews

I'm using it very well. I'm very grateful to you.
Can you tell me how to remove the READY button on the first screen when I use it on my tablet?
Hi. Idk what ready button you're refering to, sry.
Great dash.
This is by far the best simhub dash I have ever used. Amazing work.
N1 dash
outstanding work budy! Love that dash!

Can you please add two more digits for exact tyre pressure in psi for ACC?
Is it possible to get a third page just with the leaderboard? that would be awesome!
Hi. Thank you.
I'II add one digit to the tire pressure values. Two won't fit if the user choose to use kpa.
I've have no plan to add more page page to this dash.
Nice job!
this is awesome. love the 1.1.1 diamond plate background. you do some pretty good work sir :)
excellent merci
dashboard great so many function but on my usbd480 its not full screen so many screen chopped on left or right. wish u can fix make it full it would be great
Hi. I made it 16:10 to fit my tablet screen. I'm afraid I can't change the resolution now. I would mean redoing all the textures.

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