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Tires Edition 2013 1.4

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to install just follow the same process this video, however the path is to the folder F1 2013

Tires 2013 - F1 2013 Codemasters

Mod created to simulate tire wear visible during the race, has two variations (Dark and Stained)!
The mod displays worn tires and blistered, and only a variation of locked wheel in this time, wait for the classics!
(It was difficult to create different variations, after 4 consecutive years)



- Side of the tire with HD quality
- 2 types of tires (dark and Stained)
- 1 tire wear different for each tire
- Warning Light (Light Glow) improved
- Colors in Hard Tire more Stronger

Stained = the tires will already start with stain of light wear in the race
clear = has looks closer than what you see on TV
Dark = the standard, for those who like the original colours by codemastes

Mod made by Vlasovas, Kadosh54 ( La Plata )


Kadosh54 ( La Plata ), Kenken, Roberto Costa, Ryder25, ML2166, Warok, Tommi-TAG, Rini Braat, T46D, Carl Hughes, camopi, Nicolas Vial, The entire Community!

Install the mod with Ryder Mod Manager

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    to install just follow the same process this video, however the path is to the folder F1 2013...
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Latest reviews

great work !! thanks!!
Absolutely Perfect! Nice!
even the real tires, r looking not as good as ur's! ((: one question; is it possible, to make the "color line" thinner, when the car is driving fast, like in chargingcar's realizm mod? love it anyway! thanks for the great mod!
gives yes, but I will not change, made another at the turn of the year, has dirt in stripes
thank you, Julio!
Completely Awesome!. Thank you!
Amazing Job!
Grandissimi :-)
Tyres realistic!
Looks awesome thank you so much.
Absolutely Perfect
Thanks,Very Nice !
Great work, the game looks much better now
Spasibo ! 5+
Thank you pretty lady! I did not understand what you wanted to say, but it must be something good , just do not speak bad of my mother hehehehe, I am Brazilian, descendant of Lithuanian,
you must be from russia or there
I love it!
Done their best, thank you! You, as always on top!
Good Work Bro... :)

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