Tree fx for Le Mans FM7 (reboot version)

Tree fx for Le Mans FM7 (reboot version) 0.9

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Hello everyone,

Le Mans, the all time classic.

Here we have round about 15.000 Trees.
Hand placed.
In different variations.

Please don´t expect miracles or an overnight boost of your system. You have to render more 3D objects, so it will propably effect your fps.
If you struggle with popups, please check your cm settings.

To everyone else, enjoy ;)

You need the version from the reboot team.

Again, two variants, 1 for better visuals, 1 for better performance.

!I highly recommend to create a BACKUP of the original files before installing!

!Please install manually!

You need CSP 1.79 or higher to use the Tree FX feature.
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Latest reviews

looks absolutely immaculate on the visuals version and preforms pretty well too, I only get framedrops on the couple corners after the long back straight. now if only I could find a good rainfx patch for this track.
Using the performance version, looks great and runs great! I didn't really notice the lack of "tunnel" like some other commenter noted, but I think you could easily add some 2d trees in the background behind the 3d trees
I was wondering if this would work with Pyyer's 2022 extentsion for the track and it luckily does! I opted for the performance version since it saves me around ~12-13 fps on average which makes a big difference for me since it lets me stay above 60 fps with my triple 144fps monitors. More framerate is always better, but I do love the aesthetic of feeling wooded-in and surrounded by trees. Feels like a whole new track now! Thank you for this
C'est le retour du jardinier fou! Il plante des arbres, il plante, il plante, il plante et nous on est heureux!! Merci encore, super job.
Yeah i get some fps down but not big deal,the problem is that some trees are a bit "white" like the texture not load fully or are missing...i test it with the newest pure and csp,first tree 3d that i have faced this ''bug''? it looks like snow...
Johannes Steiger
Johannes Steiger
Could you please check, If you have seasonal adjustment activated?
If so, please deactivate.
I experienced the same issue on a WIP Track.
I´m working on a way to avoid that in the future, still have to get my head around it though...
A good first effort. Unfortunately not enough trees especially along Mulsanne Straight. TreeFX does not cover low bushes, so some realism is lost. Those new trees look great though! :)
Johannes Steiger
Johannes Steiger
Thanks for the review.
By getting rid of the flat tree walls, you loose some of that "tunnel feeling", I agree.
I will add some more in the background for version 1.0.
Btw, bushes are possible with TreeFX, I just dont have any good enough models.
Great job, thank you! Definitely makes the track much more alive.
Awesome job! Looks great. Unfortunately I would prefer it even more for the Le Mans 2017 version, cause here I have an extension for 112 pits. Cannot find this for the FM7 version.

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