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Tsukurimono Touge 1.0

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Tsukurimono Touge is a fantasy road located in Japan created by me in RTB to learn more about track creation for Assetto Corsa.
Primarily this was designed as a drift course but has proven to be very fun for time attack/battles, especially in lower powered cars.

- Working AI
- Replay Cameras
- Multiplayer Compatible

As this is my first track, please do expect bugs.
If there is anything you would like to raise or suggest, you can contact me via twitter; @tommytengoku

Some videos showcasing AI, drifting and grip driving:

I have already begun starting my next course which will be a lot more detailed in terms of textures and objects created from scratch in blender.
I am happy to keep this course up to date depending on how successful this release is.

I would like to give many thanks to ac.initial.d. project for helping me with RTB and allowing me to release a version which I am fairly happy with.







Please feel free to follow me on twitter or subscribe to my youtube for updates. I would love to see any videos created using this track :)


Latest reviews

i hear this is your first track, this is gooood, like a Hidden Gem in the touge tracks community, the one reason why i cant rate it a 5 star is because the guardrails and walls, aka the impact for is way overdramatized, i guess maybe if theres a way for the guardrail to soak the impact so we kinda get stuck or stop at where we crash would be most logical, its just funny when we slide into the guardrail and we go flying in the sky lol. other than that, this is really something special, the feels of connecting each turn make this track a hidden gem, maybe the thumbnail picture should show the map overview so it gives people a sense of how intricate the twists and turns are.. also one more thing, you needa fix the png for the map because it shows a black background behind the map and it makes it obscure the view when driving... good stuff
Love the layout and the way it looks but it's way to bumpy to drift on atm. Besides that great work!
This is incredible for an RTB track. I love to see people getting creative with it. You should post a tutorial or two on your youtube, I'm sure it'd help a lot of people in terms of quality.
Ótimo trabalho!
I ll give u 5 stars cause it's your first track, even though it''s pretty bumpy for drifting. I don't know if it's me but i am having problems to use the map online, i receive the "race cancelled" error. Anyway here is a small video i made:
So much fun!
An incredible drift track if you're interested in that sort of thing. Also very drive able for us time attackers. For sure waiting for texture improvements. Thanks.
Overall great quality, decent layout design, good cameras.
Really good for your first mod, hopefully you will keep polishing this course and make it more original and less RTB-ish. Looking forward to your next work.
Wow thank you so much! :) This means a lot coming from you! I still have a lot to learn but I will definitely take my time with the next one to make sure it's the best I can make it :)

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