TWF Dash Universal Ecosystem - AMS2, iRacing, ACC, AC, RF2 and more

TWF Dash Universal Ecosystem - AMS2, iRacing, ACC, AC, RF2 and more V2.2.3

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For beta releases and quicker fixes, please download the latest releases from GitHub. Only the main releases will be published here.

Make sure you update the JS and JSON files with the latest versions. Check the readme file for more info.

To download:

  • Features might not work as intended for games that are not mentioned seperately.
  • MFD Default display customization numbers might not match depending on the game.
  • New cars in ACC 1.9 have some ABS and BB settings not matching with dashes. Waiting for SimHub update for fix.
  • Maps can cause a couple of seconds freeze (much longer for AC), please disable the maps in JSON file from MFDs if you are using the dashes in your main DDU.

Please report the issues on GitHub issues tab. It helps with tracking and versions. Also make sure you are using the latest version of SimHub and the TWF Dash before you submit an issue.

TWF DASH Ecosystem

Rather than replica dashboards made for real-life racing, use a family of 8 dashboards custom-made for different DDUs with many features that can make you better or faster in sim racing.

The TWF Dash Ecosystem is now made universal, so ideally, it should work with every game SimHub supports - some features might not work or be missing as intended depending on the game.

Fully compatible with enhanced features:
AMS2, ACC, AC, iRacing and RF2 (beta).

Inspired by the famous Lovely Dashboard.


Almost all screens and dashes utilize ABCD graphical dash actions on SimHub. Please check them out. A video walkthrough is on its way.
  • New tyres module design with inner, outer, and middle sections of tyres displayed separately
    • ACC & AC: Tyre pressure, tyre temp, brake temp, inner, outer and middle sections separate temps, wheel spin and lock per tyre
    • AMS2: Tyre pressure, tyre temp, brake temp, brake wear, inner, outer and middle tyre section temps
    • IRacing: Tyre pressure, tyre temp, tyre wear, inner, outer and middle tyre section temps
    • For other games, it uses SimHub native properties so that it will be displayed as per SimHub support
  • Always on live and progress delta that shows your delta per corner and overall lap
  • Integrated spotter & CAS (radar) that shows the distance of cars behind or next to you
  • New car damage module design
    • ACC: front, rear, right, left
    • AC: overall damage
    • AMS2: Aero, engine, brake wear per wheel
    • IRacing: disabled
    • For other games, it uses SimHub native properties, so it will be displayed as per SimHub support
  • New idle screens with customizable name, number and color
  • Contextual modules that appear automatically and briefly for:
    • Pits (refuel calculators tyres and distance to the pit box)
    • Spins (shows a map for you to rejoin safely)
    • Damage (shows damages to your car)
    • Head 2 Head (shows info such as gap, license and safety rating, best lap and last lap of the car ahead and behind once the gap is within a certain threshold)
  • Multi-function displays with customization
    • Tyres
    • Damage (Not available for IRacing)
    • Vehicle Status (Not available for ACC)
    • Timings (current, predicted, last and best laps with correct colour coding)
    • Timings and gap to ahead or behind)
    • Ahead or behind
    • Relative leaderboard
    • Class leaderboard
    • Map (Can slow down performance so that it can be turned off in JSON configuration file) You can also choose which MFD to show by default in JSON file
  • Car logos for major brands appear when the ignition is off
  • Automatic counter rotation for gear, speed and RPM similar to the Fanatec Bentley wheel - requires additional plugins.
  • Overspeed and pit limiter reminders for pit lanes.
  • Shift / RPM leds for people who use phones as their DDUs.
  • Environment information such as track and air temps
  • Incident counts and iRating gains for iRacing
  • Flags, lap recaps, alerts, car settings and many more...

See counter-rotation in action:
Note: older design depicted.

See virtual mirror with radar in action:
Note: requires a DDU with HDMI input and OBS capture.

Radar dash with ahead / behind info and "battle in X Laps"


Black version with your number and name on idle screen



850x480 Dashboard with rotating gear information (for screens on wheels) and multiple displays. Added a non-rotating version for fixed DDUs as a screen as well.

Same as TWF Dash, made for phones with 21:9 aspect ratio and integrated spotter & shift lights.

TWF DASH Ultrawide
Updated the dash to fit Porsche 10" DDU (Grid and Pokornyi)

A replica-inspired non-replica dashboard. If you like the current race-car dashes and want to try out a more traditional look than the TWF DASH, this dash design is for you.

TWF DASH Vertical
Created new screens with alerts, GPU and CPU usage, combined tyres with damage and vehicle status in addition to map for tablets.

Radar dash with CAS features in addition to behind ahead, maps, alerts, flags, lap timers and delta.

TWF Laptimer
Laptimer dash made for VoCore 4.3" and above DDUs.

Click here to see many screenshots displaying various multi-function displays

  • Make sure you download and install the required fonts to your system.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Copy the TWF_DASH_CONFIG.json file under "C:\Program Files (x86)\SimHub\JavascriptExtensions"
  • Double-click to import dashes into simhub.
  • Edit the TWF_DASH_CONFIG.json file for your own requirements, and make sure you use the same "", same commas etc.
  • Alerts are displayed based on my preferences for use with 5 separate DDUs. You can hide or show the alerts on each dash by modifying the JSON file.

Rajdhani Font

Romain Rob Input Display
For counter-rotation to work

iRacing Extra Properties
For class, safety rating, iRating info

Please donate to them. They made these dashes possible by doing the hard part.

Lovely Dashboard
V1 designs and main inspiration

Romain Rob

Radar dash and MFDs use the BOSCH CAS Dash code he created.

Everything is still work in progress, let me know what you think once you try.

Latest updates

  1. V2.2.6

    Fixes and new features: +/- signs on all delta displays including pure race Lapreview bugfixes...
  2. V2.2.5 - Hotfix

    Fixed bugs: TC opacity 30% although it was active. Spotters are blinking slower on TWF RADAR...
  3. LMDH Support for iRacing

    Added LMDH features for iRacing including following: SOC Percentage Deploy Mode Deploy...

Latest reviews

best forever
my favorite dash super nice
Really nice work! One of the best looking dashes I've seen in a while. Really like the lap timer and leaderboard/trackmap to.
Thank you for your encouraging words. Fixed some bugs, and released a new version
My favorite Dash ever, awesome work, one question: the page with the moving gear indicator is turning in wrong direction. is this planned or am i wrong?
There is a non-rotating version (for fixed DDUs, not on wheels) if you press previous screen button once you start using it. Or, you can customize the order of screens so that you don't have to do it all the time.
Very nice design, good job!
Thank you :) I have fixed some bugs with the delta bar, I recommend installing it again.
Really super nice dashboard.
Thank you :) I have fixed some bugs with the delta bar, I recommend installing it again.
Simply clean and perfect design, with all info spread on mutiple pages. Awsome work, congrats !!!
Thank you for your encouraging words. Happy racing.
Absolutely perfect! Thanks!
Any chance for a dedicated AC1 version given that the latest Simhub update added a few features in that regard (als also cos that update broke a few minor features that already worked with your current version in AC)?
Thank you. I didn't get time to check the compatibility issues with the other games such as AC or AMS2. I also need to check what is now working different in SimHub. I am hoping that some dependencies on other plugins might be removed. Will give an update in the upcoming weeks.
Just improved on an already great dash, this is one I will be using from now on ! hopefully you will be doing it for other sims as well, HIGHLY recommend !
thank you. an updated version with some bug fixes is on the way.
Super clean design and really useful, thank you for sharing! Using it as my go to dash in ACC atm, but I would love to see a version for AC if possible at some point! (crosses fingers)
Glad you like it. I am planning to release a new version in a month with many more features and bugfixes, including more game support.
Absolulety fantastic! Thank you for taking inspiration from lovely dash and making a beautiful 21:9 version, this is perfect for a phone setup like I'm using with Simhub.
Glad you enjoyed it. I am working on different designs as we speak, and i want to make them more compatible with other titles

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