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Usui Pass 1.0

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I built this track originally for rFactor 1 in 2012. Only managed to released beta version in 2013. Unable to finish it due to some problems. Started to continue working on it for Assetto Corsa about last week. Added some details, retexturing & more. Have fun :)
- antudusun (Project Kaido) -

- KUNOS (multilayer texture for road, grass & wall)
- CGTexture
- Leonardo Ratafiá (replay cam & tester)
- Fadzli Jamil (tester)

*Best graphic with Natural_Mod ppfilters by Chris Kennedy





Latest reviews

φαντασικη πιστα
i have like 2580kms on here and its def my fav touge
I was playing rfactor 1 heavily the past 4 or so years and never could find an Usui track for it, im atleast glad to know you tried to make on eway back then. now its on assetto so im even more happy. project kaido is definitely awesome with the many maps theyve made. thank you
Love it. Makes small cars like the MX-5 an absolute blast to drive
Just a blast! Been throwing the Skoda around it for many many laps. Thank you for your efforts and for sharing with us!!!
It's a great map but in hotlap I keep falling thru the ground and only way to fixing is to pit instead of reseting. Not really a bother just a heads up.
this is the best touge in the world because the god keiichi made is movie on that track with an AE86.
here is the link to the movie:
10/10 beautiful
Incredible track!! THIS IS A BEST TOUGE WAY
Great looking track great for drift
all the above , fantastic
I keep falling off the map in practice mode when I click "Drive"
Very well made mod, fun track for touge and drifting.
Wow, well done! Perfect road to learn drifting, fun to go fast on also =)
Nice track, thank you!
Fantastic Track

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