Southport Gold Coast -  1954 Australian Grand Prix

Southport Gold Coast - 1954 Australian Grand Prix League Edition

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1954 Australian Grand Prix


The 1954 Australian Grand Prix was a motor race held at the Southport Road Circuit near Southport in Queensland, Australia on 7 November 1954. The race was held over 27 laps of the 5.7 mile (9.17 kilometre) circuit, a total distance of 153.9 miles (247.6 km). It was the nineteenth Australian Grand Prix and the second to be held in Queensland.

With no suitable permanent circuit available, a course was mapped out on roads in sparsely settled coastal land 2.5 km south west of Southport, and just to the north of later circuits, Surfers Paradise Raceway, and the Surfers Paradise Street Circuit. The Grand Prix race meeting was organised by the Queensland Motor Sporting Club and the Toowoomba Auto Club in conjunction with the Southport Rotary Club.

Now available for the simulator, Assetto Corsa, this version of the circuit has been scratch built to reflect the circuit and road layout as they were in 1954. Although references were limited, and therefore some imagination has been used to ‘fill in the gaps’.

The track layout is very interesting, and also very narrow, and the slippery asphalt is bordered either side by rough gravel that kicks up a lot of dust. This makes for a very challenging race experience as you can often be blinded by the dust sent flying into the air by the driver in front.

Best suited to 50's and 60's era Formula 1 / 2 cars as the narrow nature of the circuit makes passing very difficult in anything much wider.

Special thanks to Dom for being the cheif sponsor of this track, and of course to all of my Patreon supporters that help me test these tracks before the public releases.

Credits to @Fat-Alfie for letting me use his 2D spectator images.










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Thanks and I hope you all enjoy the track :)

If you have any issues with this track please check out my troubleshooting guide.

Track Features:
  • 2 sets of Replay Cameras.
  • Night Lighting
  • 36 Pit boxes
  • grassFX / RainFX support.
  • Working AI.
Requires full installation of Content Manager and shaders patch v0.1.78 or above.

Latest updates

  1. 1954 Southport Gold Coast Extra Layout - ‘League edition’

    Here’s a brand-new track layout for the Southport circuit, aptly named 'League', designed to...

Latest reviews

home town so i am obliged to give 5 stars. Great track
As a big fan of historic tracks, thanks a lot for this one! Vintage formula is one the most fun type of cars to drive, in my opinion, and this circuit is a great match for those cars.
Thanks for your hard work on this wonderful, vintage, historic track! Though I've only been around one time on this amazing track, I know it's going to be one of my favorites!
Sooo cool! So realistic feeling.
Excellent work Tyrone, your tracks just keep getting better and better!
First of all, this track is a great historic document. I can only encourage people making historic track mods, absolutely love it.

But, the pit area is not defined and thus no AI is leaving the pits. Also, the 'effective' surface where you can race on is too narrow to have a race at all (for example: in a league). Making the surface somewhat wider might not be historical accurate, but will result in people wanting to race the track more often.

At the state the track is currently in it's only good for one thing; hotlapping (or driving) on your own. I hope you can address the things above and I can upgrade this to five stars, this track deserves that. You gave it time and attention and it shows.

ps. If you pack in 7zip instead of windows zip, the downloadable file will be half as small. We don't have to wait 2 hours before the file is downloaded from RD's prehistoric servers ;)
Excellent historic track jam packed with awesome details. Tyrone is one of the very best track creators, and I think with this one his historic tracks are climbing right up there with the very best of the best.
Your vintage tracks are some of the best for the sim. Thank you for making this!
Wonderful Track with a really good feel.
But i have permanent yellow flags after loading the track, because cars seem to crash into specators/environment in the pits after loading.
Tried it using 16 GPL 1500 cars on a trackday.
No car beside my own drives out of the pits.
Just gave it a short try. Great atmosphere and nice graphic details. My only remark is that rough gravel sides slows the cars too much for an overtake. If the defending car stays in the middle of the road there's no way to pass it.
Another top piece of historical immersion, lots of details and really unique feel the the half-tarmac / half-gravel roads surface. Fantastic choice and effort sir, really enjoying your foray into vintage content! Thanks too for the tip about crowd numbers, I had no idea that was a config setting.
Had to download it again to post a review, even if I already have it

If anyone wants to know : this is a masterpiece. Period. Go get it.

My only complain would be the same as I always do : We nEeD MoRE SpeCTatORs fOR ImMerSiON !
But lets say it's good enough :)

PS : even the pictures goes my way... o'Right, o'right, I'm out.
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Thanks for the kind words :)

Quick tip, if you go into the tracks data folder, and open up 'camera_facing.ini' you can increase the numbers there to make the crowds more densley packed!

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