2013 SPA "Venezuela" 458 GT2

2013 SPA "Venezuela" 458 GT2 1.02

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:barefoot:I present my latest creation...2013 Kessel Racing "Venezuela" 458 GT car raced at SPA!

Replete with all the accuracies the Kunos GT2 template could afford, nothing was spared to get the car as close as possible. One of the only non-rosso Ferraris ever raced, I fell in love with it immediately and I hope you do, too :giggle: Drink in matched colors, 100% accurate fonts, hand-made numberplates, badges, logos, racing stripes, and more :p

Special to this skin are numerous scratch logos, including many of the running board sponsors and fender sponsors many of which went out of business or were local Venezuela businesses who's logos didn't appear in a large enough size for the skin online. The project took over 100 hours to complete! Longest project so far, but worth it in the accuracy of the skin! The skin had to be adapted to the GT2 template as mentioned, hence the different hood design. It is faithful to the preseason car, however, so not too heinous :D

Special thanks to user NWRAP for the logo assistance...he found the crucial Atomic Boats logo and many others...thanks N!


Yes...I can't get enough of this car :rolleyes:

Latest updates

  1. fixed a misshapen logo

    Small update, adjusted the front bumper GENT as it was not correctly sized for the position in...
  2. logo changes, bug fixes

    Front GENT logo positioning and shape fixed, Total logo shape fixes, rear bumper logo placement...

Latest reviews

nice one
It's a 458 in a high visibility jacket!
quality skins :D
Looks great, nice attention to detail !
Cool skin , thanks Bernd !
Very nice work! And good to see some non-rosso-stuff for a Ferrari ;)
Proper work, all details included. Nice effort with nice result.
Cool !!! Thanks m8
Thanks. Cool HD skin.
Great skin - Thanks!
beautiful livery))
nor me nice skin well done on your efforts its a angry car init its also fun to drive

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