2015 Daytona24 Falken Tyre

2015 Daytona24 Falken Tyre 1.3.1

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Falken Tyre USA recently participated in the running of the 2015 Daytona 24, and now you can enjoy their livery on the URD EGT paymod Darche car :)

Replica livery is as exact as the template will allow, with many scratch made logos of the 2015 Falken changes to "Valentina." Exact colors, fonts, logos, and features to get you as close as possible to the way the car actually appeared.

Many thanks to Bailey for the base doorplate template, and ZeLimper for the Falken pattern template.

Latest updates

  1. added correct tyres

    Thanks to OPMP, I added the correct Falken tyres to the car to complete the 100% accurate livery...
  2. New white rim files, details to bumper

    Graciously, BORDER helped with the rim files. Added to the bumper red accents like the real...
  3. Update to preview image

    Preview and preview_original images updated to show correct windshield banner appearance :)

Latest reviews

great job....thanks
Great job, thank you!
Spot On! Thank you :)
wonderfull skin.
Wish I had this update to have this fantastic skin!!
Nice skin, thanks!
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Thanks, small update on the way, fictional versions of the skin soon for download :)
The wheels need to be white , and the banner needs adjusting ... but overall pretty good thanks
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
The wheels don't get as white as they need to be, URD template issue...banner has been fixed :)
Cool skin , thanks Bernd !

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Bernd Graf
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