[AMS2] F1 1978 Season

[AMS2] F1 1978 Season 1.34

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The 1978 Formula One season was the 32nd season of FIA Formula One motor racing.

It featured the 1978 World Championship of F1 Drivers and the International Cup for F1 Constructors, contested concurrently over a sixteen race series which commenced on 15 January and ended on 8 October. The season also included the non-championship BRDC International Trophy.

Mario Andretti won the Drivers' World Championship, driving for JPS-Lotus. He remains the last American driver to win the World Championship. His victory at the Dutch Grand Prix is also the last for an American driver. Ronnie Peterson was awarded second place in the Drivers' standings posthumously, having died from medical complications after an accident at Monza during the Italian Grand Prix. JPS Lotus won the International Cup for F1 Constructors.


This Mod-package contains car liveries, in game previews and helmets for the Formula Retro Gen 2, the Brabham BT46 and the Lotus 79.

Included is also an custom AI Drivers file to match the 1978 season, a big thanks to @jusk for this excellent job




CAR SKINS available in the pack:

Brabham BT46:

Brabham-Alfa Romeo #1 N. Lauda
Brabham-Alfa Romeo #2 J. Watson

Formula Retro G2:
Tyrrell-Ford Cosworth #3 D. Pironi
Tyrrell-Ford Cosworth #4 P. Depailler
McLaren-Ford Cosworth #7 J. Hunt
McLaren-Ford Cosworth #8 P. Tambay
Copersucar-Ford Cosworth #14 E. Fittipaldi
Renault #15 J-P. Jabouille
Shadow-Ford Cosworth #16 H-J. Stuck
Surtees-Ford Cosworth #19 V. Brambilla
Wolf-Ford Cosworth #20 J. Scheckter
Williams-Ford Cosworth #27 A. Jones
Arrows-Ford Cosworth #35 R. Patrese
Martini-Ford Cosworth #31 R. Arnoux

Lotus 79:
Lotus-Ford Cosworth #5 M. Andretti
Lotus-Ford Cosworth #6 R. Peterson
ATS-Ford Cosworth #9 J. Mass
Ferrari #11 C. Reutemann
Ferrari #12 G. Villeneuve
Ligier-Matra #26 J. Laffite
ATS-Ford Cosworth #10 K. Rosberg (option check xml file)


Credits and special thanks to:
Liveries creation: Alain Fry, JoL
Helmets creation: AlainFry, JoL, Scar666
Car preview pictures: JoL
AI file & calibration: jusk
Screenshoots and texting : Brainbug

Latest updates

  1. F1 1978 with helmets and fixes

    If you don't want to play with the Brabham BT49 (1981) just select 19 opponents instead of 21...
  2. Arrows and ATS colours update

    Improved Arrows and ATS cars. Enjoy it !
  3. ATS, Martini and updated Arrows

    Thanks JoL for this update ! > Updated Arrows skin (#35 Patrese) > New ATS car (#10 Keke...

Latest reviews

Amazing skins as usual, great job Alain & team!!
A fantastic set of skins for the 1978 season. Thank you very much for these.
Just installed this 1978 package, just because I collect all regarding Lotus 79 and Mario Andretti. This is good stuff! Thanks much. Little question though; would it be easy for you to do a Mario Andretti helmet with a black visor? Sort of like this? https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a31286/what-happens-when-you-reunite-mario-andretti-with-his-championship-winning-lotus/. With black visor he was seen the most. Hope you can do this. Again, this pack is great and enjoying to the full. Thanks!
This is certainly something that can be done for a next update soon
Very nicely done. Top notch
like like like
Top class as always
Perfect work as always. The helmets add so much immersion alongside the skins. Thank you
these look fantastic
Great update on the fantastic skin pack
Brilliant as usually.
Fantastic, thank you!
Oh man these paint schemes and AI files are amazing - boot up a 70's configuration of a circuit, and this is as good as a time machine.

Absolutely superb.
Thank you
Awesome work man, thanks a lot!
Great idea to add the ATS and the Martini
really good skins but can there be a version with the renault?
the updated version is with the Renault. And we have a new version coming with Martini and ATS
I'm still rubbish at blipping the throttle on downshifts but it doesn't matter - these things are SUCH fun! Yet another complete season, brings AMS2 to life, thank you! Just the Retro Gen1 to go now hehe....?!
Brilliant and beautiful. What a great addition. I only wish the cars drove as good as they looked now!!
Club Staff
Fantastic update. That ligier is the business.

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