[AMS2] F1 1991 Season

[AMS2] F1 1991 Season 1.74

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The 1991 FIA Formula One World Championship was the 45th season of FIA Formula One motor racing and the 42nd season of the Formula One World Championship.

It featured the 1991 Formula One World Championship for Drivers and the 1991 Formula One World Championship for Constructors, which were contested concurrently over a sixteen-race series that commenced on 10 March and ended on 3 November.

Ayrton Senna won his third and last Drivers' Championship, and McLaren-Honda won their fourth consecutive Constructors' Championship. Senna won seven of the sixteen races; his main challenger for the title was Nigel Mansell, who won five races in his first season back at Williams.

Senna's fierce rival Alain Prost failed to win a race with Ferrari and was fired before the end of the season due to a dispute with the team. 1991 also saw the debuts of future world champions Michael Schumacher and Mika Häkkinen, as well as the retirement of three-time champion Nelson Piquet.


This Mod-package contains car liveries, in game Reiza-style previews and helmets for the Classic Gen 4 Model 1 (V12), Classic Gen 4 Model 2 (V10) and Classic Gen 4 Model 3 (V8) and the McLaren MP4/6 from the 1991 season.

The xml-files contain also alternative Cars & Drivers like for example Minardi-Ferrari #24 G. Morbidelli or Ligier-Lamborghini #25 T. Boutsen. Just edit the ID-number of the skin you want to change in the xml-files.

Included is also an custom AI Drivers file to match the 1991 season, a big thanks to @jusk for this excellent job!




CAR SKINS available in the pack:

Model 1 (V12) :

Dallara-Judd #21 E. Pirro
Dallara-Judd #22 J. Jarvilehto
Minardi-Ferrari #23 P. Martini
Minardi-Ferrari #24 G. Morbidelli
Minardi-Ferrari #24 R. Moreno
Ligier-Lamborghini #25 T. Boutsen
Ligier-Lamborghini #26 E. Comas
Ferrari #27 A. Prost
Ferrari #27 G. Morbidelli
Ferrari #28 J. Alesi
Lola-Ford Cosworth #29 E. Bernard
Lola-Ford Cosworth #30 A. Suzuki

Model 2 (V10) :
Williams-Renault #5 N. Mansell
Williams-Renault #6 R. Patrese
Lotus-Judd #11 M. Hakkinen
Lotus-Judd #12 J. Herbert
Leyton-House-Ilmor #15 M. Gugelmin
Leyton-House-Ilmor #16 I. Capelli
Jordan-Ford #32 B. Gachot
Jordan-Ford #32 M. Schumacher
Jordan-Ford #32 A. Zanardi
Jordan-Ford #33 A. De Cesaris

Model 3 (V8):
Tyrrell-Honda #03 S. Nakajima
Tyrrell-Honda #04 S. Modena
Brabham-Yamaha #07 M. Brundle
Brabham-Yamaha #08 M. Blundell
Footwork-Porsche #09 M. Alboreto
Footwork-Porsche #10 A. Caffi
Fondmetal-Ford #14 O. Grouillard
Benetton-Ford #19 M. Schumacher
Benetton-Ford #19 R. Moreno
Benetton-Ford #20 N. Piquet

McLaren MP4/6:
McLaren-Honda #1 A. Senna
McLaren-Honda #2 G. Berger


Credits and special thanks to:
Liveries creation: Alain Fry, JoL, Wolf, Humpty, Chrisi74
Helmets creation: Alain Fry, Scar666, Raphael Rodrigues
Suits and gloves creation: Raphael Rodrigues
Car preview pictures: Klukkluk
AI file & calibration: jusk
Screenshoots and logo: Brainbug

Changelog for v1.74 :
- Introducing XML Selector with 6 different scenarios
- New Fondmetal Team added

Changelog for v1.61 :
- New AI file fixing wet_skills issues
- New Reiza-previews style for all cars
- Improved various helmets textures

Changelog for v1.51 :
- New suits and gloves for all drivers !

Changelog for v1.42 :
- New Dallara Team in the Model 1 (V12)
- New Lola-Larousse skin for Model 1 (V12)
- New skin for McLaren-Honda / Marlboro version
- New Reiza-previews style for : Dallara, Lola-Larousse, McLaren, Minardi, Ferrari, Benetton
- Fixed skin for Minardi
- Fixed skin for Jordan-Ford (bigger 7Up logo)
- Added some extra drivers : Schumacher in the Jordan, Zanardi in the Jordan, Morbidelli in the Ferrari, Minardi ;
- All drivers got their helmet designs
- Updated AI File from Jusk
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Latest updates

  1. Introducing XML Selector and Fondmetal Team

    This is our first release/update with the XML Selector, allowing you to simply modify your...
  2. Hotfix for McLaren Helmets

    Thank you ASfan for spotting it !
  3. Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog for V 1.61 - New AI file fixing wet_skills issues - New Reiza-previews style for all...

Latest reviews

Amazing skins as usual, great job Alain & team!!
geweldig gedaan, ik blijf het kunstwerk vinden wat jullie doen.
Perfect ! as usual ^^ Thanks a lot
Great job! Thanks!
Big question: How do you create the image preview with transparent background?
5 stars - what else. ;)
furthermore i´m hyped and wait for your 1992 and 1993 season mod.
We are preparing something special for it
great work
Just awesome. Brings back so many memories.
very sick mod only thing cant find the mclaren mp4/6 at all,all the other cars are on but not the mclaren
Its a dlc you need to buy on steam.
Awesome work!
Nice One. Fantastic. Obrigado !
I love these cars and the era. Amazing.
Little Note: The Senna and the Berger Helmets doesn't work, because of you forgot to create the Directory "Helmets" in the mclaren_mp46/F1_Season_1991-Directory. You put the 3 Helmet-Files in the Root of that Directory. I fixed it for myself. For Other People till this is fixed: Create in the mclaren_mp46/F1_Season_1991 Directory and new one called helmets and put the three helmet files (91_Berger_helmet ; 91_Senna_helmet and the 91_helmet_spec) in it. Now it works fine.
I love the phenomenal work of the whole IMG. Hope next one is the '86 Season. Thank you soso much. !!!
Excellent, art of work!
Only gripe is that the Jordan liveries are on the wrong engine.
Amazing details, great mod.
Great job thanks... , are you or can you work on 1990 for the other gen cars??
We are a small group of talented modders and painters working on F1 1990 for Classic Gen 3.
Excellent work, congratulations!!
Great! Only "Ligier" preview pics are a bit off (unlike the others). And maybe some extra Fondmetal, Coloni, etc. can be produced in M2 slots ? I am thinking of replacing Lotus maybe in that M2, those liveries looked too bland after losing Camel sponsorship.
Thank you for your report and the 5 stars. You can see this F1 1991 as a long term project which is always improving. Yes, some previews could be updated to Klukk standard. And Yes, we want to include backmarker in the future. Just stay tuned and positive for the future F1 1991 updates !
Thanks for the update!
Fantastic work, huge thanks
You are a genius! Your skins are amazing and they adding so much more immersion to these kind of cars.

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