[AMS2] F1 1995 Season

[AMS2] F1 1995 Season 1.28

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The 1995 FIA Formula One World Championship was the 49th season of FIA Formula One motor racing.

It featured the 1995 Formula One World Championship for Drivers and the 1995 Formula One World Championship for Constructors, which were contested concurrently over a seventeen-race series that commenced on 26 March and ended on 12 November.

Michael Schumacher won his second consecutive Driver's Championship, and Benetton won the Constructor's Championship, the first and only Constructor's title for the Benetton team.

Schumacher won nine races en route to the championship, equalling the record set by Nigel Mansell in 1992.


The Mod-package contains car liveries, in game Reiza-style previews, driver helmets, suits & gloves for the Formula V12 from the 1995 season.

Included is also a custom AI Drivers file to match the 1995 season ; again a big thanks to @jusk for this excellent job !




CAR SKINS available in the pack :

Formula V12 :
Benetton-Renault - M. Schumacher #1
Benetton-Renault - J. Herbert #2
Tyrrell-Yamaha - U. Katayama #3
Tyrrell-Yamaha - M. Salo #4
Tyrrell-Yamaha - U. Katayama #3 (optional, White Tyrrell "v2" version, edit xml)
Tyrrell-Yamaha - G. Tarquini #3 (optional, White Tyrrell "v2" version, edit xml)
Tyrrell-Yamaha - M. Salo #4 (optional, White Tyrrell "v2" version, edit xml)
Williams-Renault - D. Hill #5
Williams-Renault - D. Coulthard #6
McLaren-Mercedes - N. Mansell #7 (optional, Nigel Mansell version, edit xml)
McLaren-Mercedes - M. Blundell #7
McLaren-Mercedes - M. Hakkinen #8
Footwork-Hart - G. Morbidelli #9
Footwork-Hart - T. Inoue #10
Simtek-Ford - D. Schiattarella #11
Simtek-Ford - J. Verstappen #12
Jordan-Peugeot - R. Barrichello #14
Jordan-Peugeot - E. Irvine #15
Pacific-Ford - B. Gachot #16
Pacific-Ford - A. Montermini #17
Pacific-Ford - G. Lavaggi #17 (optional, Giovanni Lavaggi version, edit xml)
Forti-Ford - P. Diniz #21
Forti-Ford - R. Moreno #22
Minardi-Ford - P. Martini #23
Minardi-Ford - P. Lamy #23 (optional, Pedro Lamy version, edit xml)
Minardi-Ford - L. Badoer #24
Ligier-Mugen Honda - M. Brundle #25
Ligier-Mugen Honda - A. Suzuki #25 (optional, Aguri Suzuki version, edit xml)
Ligier-Mugen Honda - O. Panis #26
Ferrari - J. Alesi #27
Ferrari - G. Berger #28
Sauber-Ford - K. Wendlinger #29
Sauber-Ford - J-C. Boullion #29 (optional, Jean-Christophe Boullion version, edit xml)
Sauber-Ford - H-H. Frentzen #30


Credits and specials thanks to :
Liveries creation : Alain Fry, David Prieto (Williams & Tyrrell), Jose Lopez (Pacific & Minardi)
Helmets creation : hossy0saka, Alain Fry
Suits and gloves creation : hossy0saka, Alain Fry
AI file & calibration : jusk
Car preview pictures : Alain Fry
Screenshoots and logo : Brainbug

Changelog for v1.28
- Black helmets to fix broken helmets as placeholders

Changelog for v1.27
- Added high definition suits for all remaining teams
- Added optional drivers : Pedro Lamy for Minardi ; Giovanni Lavaggi for Pacific ; Jean-Christophe Boullion for Sauber
- New HD car previews (Reiza style)
- Fixed white Tyrrell livery in the xml

Changelog for v1.26
- Added all helmets and visors (+ Mansell and Suzuki)
- Added suits and gloves for all teams
- Added high definition suits for Benetton, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren, Sauber and Forti
- Fixed car bug livery for Tyrrell and Footwork
- Improved car livery for McLaren (fixed some logos)
- Improved car livery for Benetton
- Improved AI file

Latest updates

  1. Black helmets as placeholders

    In response to Reiza's decision to replace the 88 helmet model with the 1991 version, this...
  2. v1.27

    Changelog for v1.27 - Added high definition suits for all remaining teams - Added optional...
  3. Immersion update

    Changelog for v1.26 - Added all helmets and visors (+ Mansell and Suzuki) - Added suits and...

Latest reviews

Amazing skins as usual, great job Alain & team!!
Install with CM but for what ever reason my helmets is black, anyway your skinpacks is 5 stars at least, if i do something wrong with the intallation let me know.
Its explained in the update : Reiza decided to change the helmet model and that broke the helmets designs. Its better to have Black helmets than broken helmets. The real helmets will come in due time
Fantastic!! The helmets make such a difference! Great job
Very cool
It is splendid work
Great work for awesome cars! But could you add goodyear on the tires? Also, the headsets are broken since the last update. Thanks again :-)
Yeah i have to re paint the helmets. Same for 88 and 90 helmets...
About the Goodyear tyre side logo its not up to me, but to Reiza. I would also like to update rim colors at some point. Thanks for the review
Really good details.
I love your liveries, but when i start the race, it has 1995 liveries and original liveries in one race. How to choose start liveries? Or select drivers before race?
Awesome job! Thanks for this great mod!
I noticed a small typo in the formula_v12.xml. Under the "white Tyrrell v2 version" entry, Mika Salo's livery file name should be Tyrrell4v2.dds instead of Tyrrell34v2.dds
Can't wait to see your next project.
Thank you for this comment and reporting this issue. I am going to drop another (final) update for this week-end. It will include new extra drivers (Lamy, Lavaggi, Boullion) and HD suits for all teams. And also new car previews.
The next big project is going to be F1 1990 for Formula Classic Gen 3. Stay tuned !
The Definitive Formula V12 modification for AMS2.
You never stop impressing with the amazing work.
Awesome job.
I can't wait to see more helmets and suits.
Great skins. Thanks!
(づ 。◕‿‿◕。) づ
very detailed
Gorgeous. Thanks.
Beautiful skins Alain, thank you very much.
Great job, amazing skins...Thanks a lot
1) AFry uploads mod
2) AMS2 user downloads mod
3) Cross one more "Best AMS2 mod for _____ series" off your list.
Thank you very much for your words ! There is more coming from me. You can expect soon to enjoy a proper F1 1969 skinpack for the Vintage Gen 2. The F1 1988 skinpack is almost done for the Classic Gen 2. Also with the possibility to bring Mat, chrome, Metalic effects you can expect updates for the Formula Reiza F1 2012 mod. !
Much better that the previous 1995 season mod, a must have.

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