Ferrari 250 GT SWB - Le Mans Complete Skinpack (4k)

Ferrari 250 GT SWB - Le Mans Complete Skinpack (4k) 1.0

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Here are the remaining 11 of 14 total Ferrari 250 GT SWBs from the 24 Hours of Le Mans*. These cars took all three spots of the GT 3.0 class podium at Le Mans in 1960, and won the class again the following year despite a lot more mechanical gremlins. I've also included the only 250 GT SWB California Spyder to race at Le Mans, which was one of only three SWB California Spyders to get the "Competizione" trim, meaning that it ran mostly stock but with the 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Tipo 168B engine rather than the Tipo 168.

You can find the GT SWB here from Big FAT Luke, and the GT SWB California Spyder is from Geroda74 under the folder name "gd_ferrari_250_gtcs" and it can be found wherever books are sold. It may not have the "Competizione" engine but it is pretty performant already, looks the same, and that's close enough for me right now.

The other three typical 250 GT SWBs not included in this pack (Le Mans 1960 #19, 1960 #21, 1961 #14) are already included with BFL's car. I've added a ui_skin.json file for these to point them out and make them consistent with my style.

Race these thoroughbreds on the classic Le Mans (which can be found here)

*A pickle for the knowing ones: yes, there were more 250 GTs at Le Mans than just these, but they have different bodywork and are therefore different cars. The ones not accounted for are: anything that ran before 1960 (not SWBs), Le Mans 1961 #12 and 1962 #21 (custom-bodied SWB EXP), and the 1962 #16 (SWB Drogo aka Breadvan). If there's a good version of any of these cars, let me know.

Skin Showcase_Showcase.jpg

Skin Showcase_Showcase 2.jpg

1960 #15 Le Mans (DNF)
1960 #16 Le Mans (4th, class winner)
1960 #18 Le Mans (5th)
1960 #19 Le Mans (7th) (UI ONLY)
1960 #20 Le Mans (DNF)
1960 #21 Le Mans (DNF) (UI ONLY)
1960 #22 Le Mans (6th)
1961 #14 Le Mans (3rd, class winner) (UI ONLY)
1961 #15 Le Mans (DNF)
1961 #16 Le Mans (DNF)
1961 #18 Le Mans (DNF)
1961 #19 Le Mans (DNF)
1961 #20 Le Mans (6th)
1962 #59 Le Mans (DNF)

PS: Pretty please, somebody make the Breadvan, for the culture.

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loving it!!!!! awesome!
Great work mate, really nice having these skins that were missing up until now! Cheers.
P.S. The breadvan may be under construction.
oooooooohhhhhhhhh, nice!

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