Lotus Elan 26R - Le Mans 1964 #38 (4k)

Lotus Elan 26R - Le Mans 1964 #38 (4k) 1.0

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This is the only Lotus Elan to race at Le Mans. You can find it in Bazza's awesome AC Legends pack. This was entered by a French team but embodied the British racing strategy: Make it small. Add lightness. Retire due to mechanical issues.

Just kidding, I love the Elan. These aren't monsters of speed on the Mulsanne straight, but they're so well-balanced and fun around the corners that I had to show this one some love.

Bounce off the rev limiter until you DNF for realism on the classic Le Mans (which can be found here)


1964 #38 Le Mans (DNF)

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Legend, thank you so much - it's like you're working through my 'ideal skins' list

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