Fuji Speedway 1986-1993

Fuji Speedway 1986-1993 1.2

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Fuji Speedway with a layout from the late 80's and 90's.
Conversion from GTR2.

-CSP recommended

-32 pit/start
-AI, cam
-4 layouts (1986/1990/1993/1993 Bike)

Credits & Thanks;
Original Track by Virtua_LM
-Thank you for giving me permission (SON)

AC Converted by SON ( @Breiz One )
Updated by @shin956
.lua and font by @Gunnar333
Additional terrain and trees by Marneus_the_boss
AI, logo.png, sections.ini, map and outline by @Fanapryde
cam by @ckkjw398
terrain from Reboot Team + Rafael Malagoli's Fuji
Test and Feedback by @breathe_reprise , joshcaminskl, slider666, norms
Descriptions and images up to v1.15


The Fuji 1993 mod created by Virtua_LM was converted with permission. It is recommended to turn on grass_fx in csp as in the image.

fuji 1993 1.jpg
Fuji 1993 2.jpg

Latest updates

  1. v1.2 update

    v1.2 changelog; Added 1986/1990/1993 Bike layouts that were included in the original. -Layout...
  2. Fuji 1993 version V1.15 update

    reworked by shin956( https://www.racedepartment.com/members/shin956.867965/ ) window and wood...
  3. Fuji 1993 version V1.1 update

    reworked by shin956(https://www.racedepartment.com/members/shin956.867965/#resources)...

Latest reviews

With a better AI this would be perfect!
One of the best most realistic looking tracks.
It still says 1.1 in content manager
Thanks a lot for this conversion. Please, more VirtuaLM tracks conversion.
Excellent update to an already super trach. Thank you
Fuji has never looked so good. Nice work, Thanks
Much better now. Thank you!
excellent!! thanks!!

how to wet mode?
pretty good track just the pit build and pit wall makes it lose 1 star, but it's a beautifull track and good job
Excellent Track !
Wish there would be a version with current layout in this quality.
Thank you, excellent!
Fantastic updates! Thanks.
Any plans to have the different routes?
Breiz One
Breiz One
I might do that someday.
This is a good track.
However, the width of the road seems to be shorter than the real one.
good job, maybe needs some more "object" around the track and few more skids, but it is a very good job, thank you i really love this track from gran turismo
nice thank you i go see that
Thanks for doing this, I love that track! Only 4 stars for now, because the track needs some major texture/shader overhaul. It looks pretty bad in some places.
thanks , virtual lm was a great thing in tracks ...love there tracks
Awesome! i hope 80's layout comes in the future!

This is great!!!

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