Grand Slam 2006 by D3, iDT Simulations & Team Players

Grand Slam 2006 by D3, iDT Simulations & Team Players 1.01F

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Reupload from Team Players Virtual Garage

Grand Slam 2006 by D3, iDT Simulations & Team Players Virtual Garage represanting the 2006 Grand-American Road Racing Season Daytona Prototype Classes

----------------- ORIGINAL README ------------------

Grand Slam Final Release

On behalf of Team Players, IDT and D3 I would like to announce the final release of the Grand Slam mod.

Originally planned in 2006 for a commercial sim which was never realized we have decided to finish it up and release it as a mod for rFactor. Featuring the Riley, Crawford, Doran and Fabcar from the Daytona Prototype Class with different engines including the Pontiac, Ford, Lexus, Infinity, Porsche and BMW.

The original physics were created by Dave Henrie using as much real data as was available and with
help from Alex Gurney who is an actual driver of this series he was able to give us some great feedback.
We had the pleasure of going to the Daytona 24 hour race with CXC simulations and were fortunate to have a number of real drivers test our mod on the CXC Motion Pro II.
Alex Gurney, A.J Almendinger, Justin Wilson,
Max Papis Ryan Briscoe, Scott Pruett and Helio Castroneves were among the drivers that drove this mod in its beta stage.

Due to a situation beyond our control Dave was unable to complete the physics so the final version was done by Shawn Purdy.
Shawn did an excellent job of improving on what Dave started. So I would like to thank both of them for their help in finishing the physics for this mod.

I would like to thank Pierre Pelonero for giving this mod to Team Players to finish up.
When he first offered it to me to finish up the original intention was to just get the
Riley working and release it to go with the Fabcar. After looking at the files he gave
me I decided to rework the other models which were incomplete.

I would especially like to thank the guys from our special team that put so much work into
finishing this mod up and the beta testers that helped Shawn get the physics dialed in.

Special thanks to:

Alex Gurney for all your help in testing and feedback.

Chris Considine from CXC for all your help and kindness for setting up the Daytona trip and
for allowing us to have this mod on your Simulator for the Daytona experience.

Pierre Pelonero for allowing us to finish this mod up and let it finally see the light of day.

Rob (Trebor69) Stubb for your great work creating the promo videos for Team Players.

The following members of the team that helped complete this mod.

Shawn Purdy
Dave Henrie
Bob Russell
Andy S
Barry Blocker
Chris Considine
Darin SRT
Mike Peters iDT
Stefan Nydegger

Many thanks for all your help guys ;)



This mod is dedicated to all the people that have been in Team Players,
IDT and D3 over the last few years. Below is a list of all the names
of people that have been involved in these three teams at some point or another.

Many have crossed over from one team to another or have left the teams but
I wanted to give each one of them the recognition they deserve and the gratification
of knowing that this mod is finally getting to see the light of day.

Thank you all.

The names are in alphabetical order by last name. I have done my best to include everyone
that has ever been in Team Players, IDT or D3 wether they had a hand in this mod or not.
I am sure I have missed some names but as you can see the list is long, so if I missed anyone I am sorry.

Max Amaro
Neil Ascough
Cory Avery
Marcelo Barrio
Barry Blocker
Gregory Boundy
Darin Boyd
Grant Bradley
CXC Simulations
Vincent Ceballos
Peter Close
Mario Correia
Nick Couche
Adam Cundiff
John Dagys
Clif Davis
Keith Davis
Damien Decanter
Rich DeLong
Shaun Devaney
Mick Dunn
Ben Dupaul
Sean Edwards
Dave Ellis
Shaun Field
Ryan Field
Alasdair Fisher
Omar Gonzalez
Matt Gristina
Stephen Haley
Dave Henrie
Aison Hine
Richard Hylands
Brian Jeffcock
Juan Jiminez
Parker Kligerman
Elisabeth Kron
Chris Lesperance
Alexander Lugones
Doug Lynch
James Mabe
Lou Magyar
Jerry McComas
Paul McGregor
Roman Mika
Tom Milner
Corbin Mitchel
Amran Mohamed
Stuart Moore
Diego Noriega
Ricardo Nunnini
Dan O'Connor
Nick Ovey
Pete Panaia
Pierre Pelonero
Marcelo Pereira
Fabio Pittol
João Rodrigues
Robert Russell
Andrew Scott
Keith Simmons
Richard Smith
Andy Stankiewicz
Nate Steinke
Mark Stone
Randy Stratton
Rob Stubbs
Bill Tillman
Tim Traylor
Klaas van Houten
Sergio Villarim
Virtual GT
Eric Wilkinson

We all hope you enjoy this mod, it has been a long time and a lot of hard work
to finally get this completed

Bob Russell (Punko353)
Team Players Virtual Garage

Credits to VirtualR for the Article and Images
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Latest updates

  1. V1.01 Final

    Combined V1.00 with the added V1.01 Upgrade Patch into one Final Version 7-Zip Archive
  2. Patch V1.01 from 2010-02-24

    24th of February 2010 Incremental Upgrade Patch Use on V1.00 and overwrite the files. Repacked...

Latest reviews

Per se, this is a decent mod.

The cars look good (interior and exterior and fairly realistic.
The damage model is great: When these cars wreck, much of the car may become separated (tires, engine, entire front end, etc.).

The engine noises are very pronounced and realistic, and somewhat distinct.
For the better or the worse, the interior cockpit view of these vehicles is somewhat limited and small -which I didn't care for- but this may also be ultra-realistic perfectly modeled from the actual real-life vehicles. The three rear view mirrors in the cockpit view are all EXTRAORDINARILY-DIMINUTIVE to the point of being worthless.

With traction control set to 'maximum' ("high"), these vehicles were a little too difficult to navigate around any track, using the keyboard steering mappings: Tires don't have enough grip and/or the driving physics are unrealistically-hard resulting in many spinouts and oversteer. I can set the traction control to "medium" with about all other GT car mods that I have downloaded for rfactor -- and this results in better traction and control of the car when racing on any given track.

This is a decent mod but a few too many major flaws and quirks prevent it from being a 'keeper' for me.

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