Jeddah Street Circuit - F1 2024 - Night Race

Jeddah Street Circuit - F1 2024 - Night Race 2.21

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Jeddah 2024
Complete Revamp of the entire circuit compared to the 2021 version.

As everything is changed PLEASE DO A FRESH INSTALL. Delete the old Jeddah21 folder (back up if you think you may want to revert) and then install this one.

Since the original build of this track (which was based on a red line on a diagram snapped from a YouTube video) Google maps have updated, and now has fully detailed high resolution aerial photos of the track. So, I have revised my version to match this.

Also, new for this year it looks like the race organisers have painted artwork at each of the run-off areas, so I have included images there instead, they don't quite match the real circuit, but colours an designs are close enough. At some point if there's enough interest I'll probably update them. But i'm not sure if race organisers will re-paint this each year anyway... so it may be a waste of time!

The track is much more optimised, and should deliver better FPS overall. Although, due to the nature of it being a night race with loads of trackside lighting, it is still a little heavy when the lights go out.

Thanks again to everyone on my Patreon for supporting the development of projects like this, without you guys it would not be possible!

UI files by @Fanapryde


NICO ROSBERG DRIVES THE TRACK (old video from old version of the track)

Important! Please make sure to have CSP and CONTENT MANAGER INSTALLED!!!!

This FREE track is only to be used with Assetto Corsa. It is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Formula 1, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. This project and its related files are NOT to be modified in ANY way, including by adding skins, changing sponsors, or the like. ‘Nukedrop’ tracks released on will always be FREE for anyone to download and use in a PERSONAL non-professional capacity. Users are PROHIBITED from profiting from, modifying, or redistributing this project in any way. Reminder, by having access to this download you are also bound by the terms and conditions outlined on You DO NOT have permission to re-host these files ANYWHERE ELSE. All of the above terms are absolute, unless expressly granted an exception by Nukedrop tracks in writing.

Latest updates

  1. repacked as zip to stop false virus flag

    I've addressed the issue and released a new, safe version in a zip file. I kindly ask you to try...
  2. Added DRS Signs, DRS white lines made more prominent, Hot Lap starting position fixed.

    Added DRS Signs. DRS white lines made more prominent. DRS Start areas made more accurate Hot Lap...
  3. 2.0 (2024) (+DRS)

    forgot the DRS files on the previous update!

Latest reviews

Thank you very much for this track and all your work!
I love it!
I race only in VR, I must say this track is so well optimised. I get really good FPS with night time lights on . Well done mate great work
By far the best available version at this date, good job.
Great mod from Nukedrop as usual, high quality textures, nice night lighting. Immersive and accurate track.
Amazing. Thank you for this beautiful track.
Cool track. I just spent an hour on it. AI goes a bit mad but don't we all sometime? Thanks
much better performance than chq, and the lighting building are stunning! keep it up!
Bravo!! Glad the hotlap bug was sorted.
In the words of @gutbomb (he of track review series fame),
"This is the one to have."
The most complete up-to-date version available, imo.
Obs: Windows Defender false-positives are out of control.
TBH I'm a bit torn over this mod;
On the one hand, it is subjectively a great-quality track mod. The textures, lighting, etc. leave little to be desired, and for once I don't feel the need to download an extension to get proper lighting and brightness at night.

On the other hand, neither the actual track-surface layout nor the trackside details and decorations are terribly accurate to the real circuit. The T4-T12 sequence feels somewhat off with both the track layout and the way the walls are shaped and positioned, and T13 almost entirely flat instead of the significant camber the turn has IRL + there is also a bump/sudden dip heading into the corner that is not present IRL (just to name a few examples). The mod is also almost completely lacking all of the pedestrian overpasses/'buildings that pass over the track' that really give it its atmosphere. I downloaded the original version of this mod way back when, so I do understand that there's a certain degree of "work with what youve got" as far as updating the mod instead of making an entirely new one, but the differences vs IRL are fairly significant, even if not the end of the world.

TL;DR: All-in-all a very good mod, held to the high standards of this mod author and with the most recent update to the mod it is among if not THE highest *quality* mod of this circuit, but as the mod was, IIRC, originally one of the very first versions of the Jeddah Corniche circuit available on any consumer simulator, it has a few inaccuracies compared to how the real circuit is today. These inaccuracies don't detract from the quality, so if that's fine with you then you can't go wrong with this mod of the Jeddah circuit
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Hi John,

I really appreciate your in depth review.

I am aware the track is lacking a lot of it's verticaliy in terms of it's architecture. This is something I will aim to sort in a future update.

Watching the F1 this weekend, I now have a better understanding of the geometry for the banked corner, and will also rectify it.

Again, thanks for the time, you've raised some valid points and I will be sure to act upon them. Perfect!
Another spectacular build. Love this track as well as Nukedrop's Vegas track. Very fun F1 races with these!
download flagged by win11 as a virus fyi.. cant figure out how to bypass it
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
I've addressed the issue and released a new, safe version in a zip file. I kindly ask you to try this latest version and, if satisfied, consider updating your review. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for this good 2024 bonus update

After watching this onboard from last year... the start-finish line seems to be way sooner than the version you updloaded... you hear him slow down right after he crosses it. Any chance you can update that?
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
As far as I know, AC doesn't support different positions for start and finish lines. so you have to have the start line be the finish line, which would always be placed infront of the grid. Where I have it here on this track, is exactly the right position, overlaid with the painted lines on a satelite image.
Great 2024 update! Looks and feels really good. Thank you!
Excellent, but DRS sign and line is extremely difficult to see.

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