Madrid - Gran Premio De Espana 2026

Madrid - Gran Premio De Espana 2026 1.0

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Madrid - Gran Premio De Espana 2026


Well, continuing the tradition of Jeddah and Las Vegas, I have managed to get together a version of the Madrid Grand Prix track ON THE DAY that it has been announced!

Content Manager / Custom Shaders Patch is REQUIRED for this track to work!

Need a guide on setting these up? Check my guide here.

  • 32 AI support
  • Basic Night Lights on some of the street lights (but there are no ‘night running lights’ around the track as I assume the F1 race will take place in daylight)
  • Replay Cameras
  • Full compatibility with the latest PURE shaders

Thanks to the ‘sponsors’ on the billboards around the track for allowing the use of their logos:

GT OMEGA (affiliate)
Historic Sim Studios
DDF Racer
The Shambles Championship
and of course, all of the kind people on my Patreon page who make me working through the night to get this sorted a possibility!

While this mod is FREE. This file is quite large, meaning hosting costs add up to be quite a bit for Race Department. If you want to contribute to their fees, the best way is to buy a Race Department Premium Membership

Is this super accurate to how the real track will be? No it’s just to give an idea of the flow of the circuit. It's based on the public streets, merged with the track plan that was released on 23/01/2024. No more details have been released, so I have done my best with the little information that is available.







This FREE track is only to be used with Assetto Corsa. It is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Formula 1, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. This project and its related files are NOT to be modified in ANY way, including by adding skins, changing sponsors, or the like. Any logos or references to logos of companies featured in this project are used with the express permission of their brand ownership. If you, as an individual user, has paid for this then you have been scammed. ‘Nukedrop’ tracks released on will always be FREE for anyone to download and use in a PERSONAL non-professional capacity. Users are PROHIBITED from profiting from, modifying, or redistributing this project in any way. Reminder, by having access to this download you are also bound by the terms and conditions outlined on You DO NOT have permission to re-host these files ANYWHERE ELSE. All of the above terms are absolute, unless expressly granted an exception by Nukedrop tracks in writing.

Latest reviews

I love you
merci pour ce circuit Espagnol que j'attendait avec surprise
car j'avais juste un circuit d'Espagne sur ac
the track is good but the issue is the insane amount of lag i get.. could you make a performance layout? cheers,
Track does not detect corner cutting at all.
voce e brabo ! parabens ! xupa ea games !
superb job, great mods, i love how the track flows it's a good track for hot lapping even tho it's questionable for racing, thank you for making this mod really quick.
Everything is perfect except turn 7 probably, it's too bumpy imo, or maybe skill issue for me lmao.
I appreciate the fast release but it's obviously far from being complete and it's difficult to judge whether the track is realistic or not since we haven't seen even some pictures of the permanent areas.

I'm sure you'll deliver in the next releases
Un makina, me ha gustado mas de lo que esperaba, me parece muy guay y rapida, supongo que cambiaran cosas como la curva que sera mas peraltada, gracias y sigue asi.
damn, these modders are frickin fast
Thanks a lot for this good first draft of this track. I think the real track will be less wide and some slow corners more sharp with less runoff zones. I remember that your Jeddah and Vegas renditions were quite spacious compared to real life.
Impressive work. Thank You!
Fantastic, thank you!! Too bad the track doesn't go through madrid and its unbelievable city center which would be awesome, but on the suburbs (even though with constant construction sites for new buildings, offices, skyscrapers etc), but still it's awesome!
A great job, especially delivered so quickly with limited information. I should have guessed from your Las Vegas track.
It's surprisingly nice to drive too, which is promising
Nukedrop drops a nuke - again. Absolutely gorgeous work from start to finish, and the turnaround is incredible. Great fun to drive in an F1 car, but in my opinion even better in a TCR car. Thank you for this!
wawo after 1 day of annocing this track you made it its really good mod i like it
Im blown away you got this done. The circuit has been taking a lot of criticism online today but racing it with my F1 car was great. I know it doesn't look exciting and its another street course but I loved the way it raced even if it does change up somewhat. Excellent work guys and I can't wait for the subsequent updates!
Fantastic effort! To create a track this quickly takes some serious work and should be praised. Regardless of how true to life it may be, it is a great track and gives us fans a glimpse of what it could look like!

Had to lap it in RSS' Formula Hybrid
Tryone and his team have pulled an absolute stunner here! An entire FIA Grade 1 racetrack in less then 24 hours. Obviously there are some things that will need to be updated and improved upon over the coming weeks/months as more information is released by F1 and the FIA. This track is an accomplishment certainly worthy of a 5 star review!

In this video I take a look at the new 2026 Madrid Street Circuit:

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