Heartland Motorsports Park - Topeka, Kansas

Heartland Motorsports Park - Topeka, Kansas 1.1

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Heartland Motorsports Park

Track surface is made using LiDAR data, and has gone through 6 rounds of revisions on my Patreon page, so I'm feeling good about this release.

It has three main fullsize car layouts, as well as three autocross layouts on the infield.



Heartland 1.jpg






Issues with the track? Please be sure to read my set up guide before commenting, as it'll probably help you out!


Latest updates

  1. Small changes and fixes

    Changes: New replay cameras for all layouts New VAO patch for all layouts. New fence texture...

Latest reviews

Just found this which has given me probably my most emmersive track day drive - pitting an old 996 911 up against faster cars I had a ball - plenty of room to let them pass lol. Would love some more cameras or even camtool presets for it...but I or others can have a go at doing those.
I can't believe I'm just now finding this mod! This is my home track, but it is permanently closing at the end of the year. They just had the final drift event last month on the "skidpad" (aka. the dilapidated, disused parking lot). I've been visiting the track for the past 15 years, and I really hate to see it go, but apparently the previous owner owed 2.6 million in property taxes. Supposedly the track will be up for sale, but unless the buyer can pay the back taxes, or possibly reach an agreement with the County, it may never reopen.

Regardless, I'm very glad to have this incredible mod. It is so well done, and it's a great reminder of how great this track was. I would love to see a few more layouts made available, but I love it the way it is. Thank you for making it available to everyone on RaceDepartment!
Looks and drives beautiful. There are so many layouts possible here and I hope some more of those get into a next version:
With so many road forks here, I'd really like to have some better track markers around the track. Maybe some tire walls to make it more distinct and easier to see right away where not to go. :D Although I don't know if that's realistic for real events there.
I love these kinds of tracks and this one is fantastic work. It's a lot of fun to drive. Technically. Great work, thanks.
Great circuit & fantastic modelling as always from Tyrone - thank you!
Any chance the drag strip could be added as a layout in a future update seeing as the model is already there? Would be cool to have an official NHRA venue in the game
Very well done. Driving on this track is a lot of fun because it is very technical. Thank you.
great visuals, a very technical track, good job!
Really nice track. I'd give 5 stars if it had 3D grass, and sometimes the car disappears from view in replay cams (Nascar A layout).
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods
Hi Wally,

Thanks for the review, lets see if we can sort those issues out!

Do you have grass FX enabled? You can see the 3D grass on the screenshots posted on the mod overview page. If you're not using CSP you really should be, the grass even flutters around if you drive fast enough past it.

And with the replays, do you mean when the camera pans across the environment and there's something on the track, or parts of the terrain that are between the camera and the car?


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