Circuit Thermalito 2023

Circuit Thermalito 2023 1.05

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Welcome to Circuit Thermalito.

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About the Track

Circuit Thermalito is a 5.035km fictional temporary race track based on a real life location, using the actual roads surrounding the Thermalito Dam in Oroville, California. Winding its way between the walls along the water's edge, and through two tunnels in the dam itself, Circuit Thermalito features high speed elevation changes, sweeping banked corners and slow speed technical sections which all come together to create an incredibly challenging, yet hugely rewarding, driving experience.

Originally made by DDF Racer ( using limited satellite data 15 years ago for rFactor, Circuit Thermalito has been completely rebuilt from scratch to modern standards in stunning detail by Nukedrop. Crowdfunded on Kickstarter by the DDF Racer YouTube community and using hi resolution laser scan data, drone footage and countless photographs of the area, Circuit Thermalito is now available to download for free for Assetto Corsa.

Due to the drastic elevation changes, this track may not be suitable for AI Races against some of the top tier open wheel race cars.

3D grass, 3D trees, full RainFX, full night lighting, AI, 44 grid sllots.

Please see the config.ini if you wish to use 2D trees instead of 3D trees to save performance.

As usual, CSP and Content Manager ARE REQUIRED.
If you have any issues, please consult the guide below before leaving a negative review.

Thanks and Credits:

This project has been a collaborative journey, made possible by the generous support of our community. We extend our heartfelt thanks to every contributor who helped in bringing this vision to life.

Thanks to all of my Patreon Supporters, who without their help we would have needed at least double the budget to pull this off.

Thanks to all of the Kickstarter Backers: Clare Kelly, Olaf, Wuschel, Very Important Potato, Sticky, RangeyRover, JimmyTheBear, Richard Hall, John Miller, The Creative Fund by Backer Kit, TripleJay, Bubblejohns, Richard Mair, Danny Bijlsma, Jared Svetek, Jasper van der Vaart, Captain Flatspot, Talenin, Ondřej Kratochvíl, Andrew Baily, Naptic, Jontxu Pardo, Mark Rimkus, Andy Morehouse, Hannah Scott, MrBishi, Christian Grøtte, Chris Paton, Shawn Fin, JD Finney, Elizabeth Andrea Mathie, Frank Mathie, David Jundt, Damon Slavich, Donnchadh MacGarry, Greg Kelly, Maureen Kelly, Alexander Glowacki, Shane Hill, Magic tap, George Senior, Darastrix, Rafael Perez, Tim Griffiths, Paul Kirkby, Olli B, Christi B, Liokardo, Sean Patterson, David Purchase, Timo Klinga, Mark Hallowell

Track Contributions:
Initial Track design, AI, Replay Cameras
Mascot – Balloons, Helicopters
Mike08 – Grass Texture
Johannes Steiger – 3D Tree Models
Additional Artwork – Blitz Graphics

While this mod is FREE. This file is quite large, meaning hosting costs add up to be quite a bit for Race Department. If you want to contribute to their fees, the best way is to buy a Race Department Premium Membership




Latest updates

  1. 1.05 - Slight change to file structure to allow for better online experience.

    Potentially fixes a bug where older versions of the track could be used online.
  2. 1.04 - Bugfixes and work for the future.

    Thermalito2023 v1.04 changelog • Fixed hole in wall on t13 • Fixed Tecpro clipping through...
  3. Track mesh fix + track limits.

    Hey, Quick update, fixes a hole in the track, and adds in stringent track limits on some more...

Latest reviews

Makes me tingly.
Amazing track. That is all.
Beautiful track with an amazing layout. Am i the only one who thinks this track should be real?
Keep the amazing work, man!
Perfect track :) Merci.
Hell of a track. Thank you.
Top notch track. Big FPS drops in tunnels gives me nausea in VR.
one of the best fanfic tracks outhere it was super great wiith all of the turns
Excellent work thank you :)
Fantastic thanks for this gem.
what an amazing track, and such amazing work! ! !
One of the best original tracks in AC that I've ever driven. Super fun and unique layout and beautiful detail.

Also, always really cool when a fictional track is based on a real location and real topography/roads. Modders, take notes!
Really fantastic track - so much detail and I love the location. Very good fun to race!
One of the most detailed fictional tracks I've ever seen. And a fun one too. Super high level artistic work. I'm in love with this track!
One of my favorite tracks since GTR2. Love your remake of this and the new layout. Beautiful Job on this......Outstanding.
Would be perfect with fewer slow corners and finally a first chicane I hate more than Monza. Where do people see races wih hot air ballons?
Thermalito , huahu what a piece of work. Amazing to see NUKEDROP & DDF together. Amazing stuff, please keep it up for future tracks and events ;) Thank you
We all Know: Tyrone Nukedrop is the best. Amazing work!

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