Kleine Nordschleife

Kleine Nordschleife 1.0

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Fictional circuit in Germany.
Conversion from Grand Prix 4.

-CSP required
-32 pit/start
-AI, cam

Credits & Thanks;
Original Track by drt01 and jcaranti
-Thank you for giving me permission

AC Converted by @shin956
Advice about clocks by leBluem( @Please Stop This ), @Gunnar333
RainFX and texture edit by @twobegreen
marshall and some textures by kunos
Test and Feedback by @twobegreen , @Fanapryde, Temp0_T0rped0

Converted upon request by Patreon member Temp0_T0rped0.
If you feel like donating something: https://www.patreon.com/shin956

Latest reviews

Soooo fun! Feels like a Nordschleife relative for sure and even wider, can really explore the track. Love it thank you!
Nice mod, as always with shin956, but the AI is definitely too slow.
Very fun mini Nordschleife but sadly the AI is a bit slow
This is AWESOME! My new favorite map. Easy to get to know around the track, it is fun with every class of car. Thank you so much!
A fantastic track in its own right. Perfect when you want to experience the "feel" of the Nordschleife in a shorter, tighter package. Great mix of corners and elevation changes with a quasi-vintage atmosphere. Would love to see a pure '60s skin (and possibly a '20s-'30s skin as well, as the circuit lends itself really well to those cars), but no complaints! Many thanks for this.
Great MOD like always congrats and thanks for this track
The interesting parts of the "green hell" summarized in a small racetrack. Very detailed and entertaining.
Really fun track, aged pretty well
What a weirdly awesome track! All the nest nits of Nordschliefe wrapped up in a small km track! Great detail too. Amazing fun =)

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